One Last Try

Like a thousand sharp needles, the pain pierces her heart

It ceases its rhythmic beating for a moment

And then stutters back up into a violent start

Breath stolen, excruciating ache in her chest

She struggles to escape this horrible feeling,

A feeling that’s so unlike the rest


Hand on her heart, tears in her eyes

Her soul achingly pleads,

‘Tell me why… Tell me why…!’

Silence is her answer

But then again no one can see

That the wounds marring her soul

Ceaselessly burn, ache,

And bleed


She’s withering away slowly

She’s crushed by the pain she feels inside

Her suffering is starting to win the battle

By long and steady strides

The light that once blazed within her soul

Now only flickers weakly

Beneath the engulfing darkness cloaking

Her soft, sorrowful eyes


She’s fighting a battle that no one can see

As she struggles to win

Her resolve wavers piece by piece

It just won’t give—

It’s something she can’t beat

Unwillingly, she gives in

And falls disgracefully to her knees


Time slows and slithers

To a sluggish creep

But she doesn’t really notice

As her heart continues to weep

Her eyelids feel leaden

Exhaustion forces them down

Her body falls limply

To the cold, hard ground


Blackness beckons her soul

It claims all traces of light

This is it—

The end has come

And it refuses to be denied


Her blood turns icy as

 A final thought slips into her mind

Regret inks her weary soul

Just before her chest stills

And she becomes one

With the dusky, silent



‘If only I had been strong enough to give it one last try…’


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