Helen: Gentle Soul in Waiting


United States
35° 28' 23.3616" N, 83° 0' 52.7508" W

Beautiful, submissive, and enduring sufferer! You were the lamb imprisoned within a den of wolves. Abandoned in this world, you understood cruelty’s impermanence. The deepest admiration from my heart’s deepest vaults you summoned. You possessed an unlimited reservoir of courage unrivaled, and from this courage you could, without effort, maintain the strength to bear the weight of awareness.

Humble courage without ferocity!
Unfaltering strength without impudence!
Intelligent awareness without corruption!

These Christ-like attributes are my endearing recollections, for I know that your modesty and self-scrutiny would revoke my words as nothing more than blasphemous ramblings.

The divine hand that led me to your side upon the night of your departure did so with the intent to share a beauty so foreign to me. I have never witnessed such calm in so dark an hour. My heart, submerged in the rolling boil of fear, was relieved by words that will never stray from my mind.

I asked about the nature of God, and you angelically replied, “He is my Maker and yours, who will never destroy what he created. I rely implicitly on his power, and confide wholly in his goodness: I count the hours till that eventful one arrives which shall restore me to him, reveal him to me.”

Oh dearest Helen! Was the passage that you long waited as peaceful as expected? Have you found the kingdom of the “universal parent?” I am sure the gates of Peter flew open at once to welcome you in loving embrace.
Beautiful, submissive, and enduring sufferer! A spark of God’s light has returned with you to the throne.


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