Just A Girl


United States
33° 15' 36.2916" N, 117° 16' 45.7284" W

Her fingers tremble with the unsaid words that urge to ink the blank page.

From the green depths of her eyes lay sadness and tinges of regret.

Across her arms are slashes made by herself.

As she stares longingly at the others souls different from hers and hopes, "Maybe one day I can be like that."

All the pain she has suffered may not measure to that of the builders of the Great Wall, and her sorrows definitely don't grumble in her stomach like the less fortunate.

But her pain resonates like that of a thousand oceans and every inch of her is like the wicked waves, crashing and bringing her down unexpectedly.

But when she smiles is it like a sunset, so radiant and beautiful, not even a thousand blue moons compare, for that girl may be a lonely girl, but she is still just a girl.

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