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If home is where the heart is,               In a home they teach you things,                                         

Then I am out of place,                        You taught me some things,

I want to be where you are,                 How to hit a ball with a bat and not to trust people,

I want to be with you,                          When you left,

And with my family too                       Mom found a new bet


Come to me,                                         He was very rough with us,

Take me away,                                      Come back to me,

I’m ready for you,                                 Take me with you,

How long must I wait,                           I am jealous of you,

I have so much to say                            Because you are where I belong too.


Home is where you are,

You are my home,

I want to be with you,

We never said bye,

Why did you have to dye


You will always be home to me,

Awake you were warm,

Asleep you were threatening,

Your words full of hate,

Yet all you wanted to do was sleep all day


One moment you liked me,

The next you hated me,

You loved my mom so much,

That whenever you touched her,

It would make her scream and hurt


You would take me and my brother places,

Either by walking or riding buses,

My grandma would take us back,

And you would have a bucket in your face,

You wouldn’t stop even at our place

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I describes my childhood perfectly.

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