The pain in my head runs so fuckin deep
Making it impossible for me to sleep
Can't even lay my head on my pillow
Because I can hear it throbbing
Feel the life that it's robbing
I don't fear guns or knives 
Not even ex wives
Only fuckin thing I fear 
Is when a headache becomes near
It is the hunter, and I am its prey 
But instead of killing me
It completely fucks up my day
That's why I don't give a fuck what I say
I write what feel, this shit's so fuckin real
Migraines control my entire fuckin life
It's not possible I can ever have a wife
I've spent years locked away in the dark
In the pitch fuckin black, years I'll never get back
Curled up in a ball, banging my head against the wall
Am I a little bitter, you god damn right
I seen the future, and it doesn't look bright
Fuckin doctors have failed me
That diploma don't mean shit
Their stupid ass should just quit
Pain creates most of my thoughts
Is there anger, yep there is lots
It's hard for me to explain
When I'm constantly in pain
And I don't know who to blame
Every once in a while I'll get lucky
And the pain will briefly go away
Wow, I'll get so much done in one day
It's actually kind of hard to be mad
When your head isn't pounding so bad
I feel like a whole new person
I do a whole lot less cursing
It really does feel pretty good
I'd stay that way forever if I could
People tell me I should be positive
And I should be in a good mood
I wish I could hit them with a bat
So I can see if they get rude
Cause it's real easy to say
When you don't suffer everyday
With so much pain that doesn't go away
Imagine getting hit in the head time after time
Then write a poem so I can see how you rhyme
And after you get hit for a while
Let me see you try and smile
Even though the pain starts to get intense
I wanna see your attitude just switch
Then maybe, maybe I'll listen
Or maybe you'll realize why
My sweet feelings are missin


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