Reality Of War


I walked through the door,
My eyes couldn't comprehend,
The shadow of the person I saw.
There lies a friend of a friend,
A person I barely knew,
But my fellow brother in arms.
My heart became dark, filled with guilt,
My world crumbled, these walls I've built.
Eyes sunken in, frail and in pain,
There lay my brother,
This is the Reality Of War.
We both looked at each other,
Friends we weren't,
Brothers forged from war we are.
Nothing could describe the silence,
Holding back tears, I forced a smile.
Receiving one in return,
No words had to be said,
We both knew this is the reality,
This was our chosen profession.
From that day forth we became inseparable.
Where we went one, we went all.
In this life, paths are crossed,
Not knowing the reason, or the goal.
Sometimes just being there for another,
Picking them up when they have fallen,
Was the goal at the end of the path.

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