This sword holds no power, unless you have courage,

The nearest pinpoint strike; blood shed for its own purpose

Once a battle ends, the scene is left in ruins

Wishing that it never had to be a part of—

Let the rays of sun wash over now,

Cleanse the darkest of souls, and forever allow

Let us understand this is a battle that were fighting

One that most don’t want to be a part of—

Tell me now, why are we fighting again,

We’re worst then those corrupted with sin

I never ever wanted it to come to this

Never wanted to be a part of—

Listen to me; we’re on a battlefield, where most don’t survive,

On an empty road; not knowing where to drive

I don’t want to watch you die, listen as I say

I never wanted you to be a part of—

Never wanted to see you lie here, dead as can be,

Never wanted to hear you say “Go on without me.”

Why can’t you see, this is no happy ending

When you’re lying on the ground, of this battlefield, leaving me empty.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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