The Cat

Long sleeves in mid summer.

Always trying to trick the others.

Covering up what The Cat has done,

man many people are dumb.

Walkin around in a daze.

Putting fake smiles on your face,

just to hide the pain.

Building walls all around,

just wanting to get out of this town.

Coming to school the next day,

oh what price there is to be paid.

Everyone comments one by one,

"Oh we were just having some fun,"

Looking around, theres nowhere to run,

oh boy here comes the real fun.

"The Cat is the one to blame,

but I know it's a real shame.

To let such a tiny thing

to attack such a skinny frame."

Everyone believes your little tall tale,

except one boy who is tall and frail

walks up to you,

not saying a word.

He gently takes your wrist

and kisses it softely.

" Don't worry hunny,

it was The Cat too."



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