verbal warfare

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 22:25 -- lizann

she sat there wielded with a belt of grenades 

my mouth a machine gun shooting what i had to say

sure she was pelted over and over by my hate

but when she threw her words at me that was all it would take

one line she said blew me to bits

my heart and my mind ceased to exist

my insides spilled on the floor of the house i grew up in 

the place now like a bloody war zone or a messed up prison

my anger spoke through the door slam she had to have heard

left a note scribbled with sloppy rage you could barely even read the words

i set out for anywhere far away from here

if i had the strength i would have kept walking for years 

i never turned around or even thought twice

about the devil with her flames but a heart of ice

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