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It’s easy to become addicted to love you know. The intoxicating heat and electricity snaking its way through your bones And reaching your eyes The flash of hazel lighting streaking across your eyes when it does so.
At times I fight my uncontrollable mind that's wise but I don't think on time so I just collect all the words that fall down, but when it's coming around I need to hold sounds like I can't think when I talk I just say I'm out of track and when I f
Disgust is in disguise. In the world's crust, it hides. But it’s all on us, we normalize. We adapt to pain to make chains. And no change.
im mad im insane my voices are telling me to kill you all of you
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Some insanities feel like a choreLike an innate programmed reactionTo the mundane and mediocreLike an unwanted, pre-existing creatureInside your brain cruel enoughNot to explain its possibilityAn enchanted clockwork ofFeeling and fault ofSins and
Oh I don’t know,  it’s four past midnight here. I do believe that cheese is best served at Three.
The cancer of my brain  Makes the world insane  Who am I to blame? For the lame  Calamity that consumes this sphere  of biodiversity  A world of adversity  People grow in masses 
I wrote the words in white paint, proudly as I could have written them. I wrote those words for him, when he was gone before. Now he is gone again. They shout at me. “DON’T BELIEVE IN BROKEN MIRRORS.”
I knew I shouldn't get excited I shouldn't get myself worked up I got a little taste of freedom  Now where am I? I'm fucked! You took the away the ocean with which I fell so deep in love
Before we get started, just a quick note. This is about the American Revolution, told in poem form by a insane Loyalist woman in England.
There’s a darkness leaking, from my lungs  and barbed wire round my neck. there’s not enough bullets, in this gun. and the beast inside needs fed. 
I often wonder what passes through your wandering mind.  May God help me appease my lonely pondering mind.    For what lies hidden beneath  your surface so well. 
  I want A wild love But I don’t know  What kind of wild Exactly Do I want the kind That is fully accepting Unconditional And suffocating Or do I want
sometimes i wished for peace i wished for insanity wish, wish, wish, all meaningless i wished for meaning-- i had none-- i had no point. did i have a moral compass? i wished my
What have you done to me? Got wandering the streets at 3 AM. Knowing you're laying with another man. Got my will, fight, and strength in the palm of your hand.   I am foolish to fall in love
I've traveled many lands To a find a mind like yours. I'm writing down new plans Once I reach new shores. Now i'm somewhere in the islands Underage mystery face in a bar.
The expectations set out before me 
Tread lightly, For this is a realm of darkness, A realm of pain and fear. It traps and breaks the unwary, Then leaves them lying dead.
Fear… A shadow in the closet A growl beneath the bed. Fear… Anything unexplained A brain beginning to snap. Fear…
I was warned about stranger danger. Strange equals bad Bad equals evil Evil equals torment Torment to whatever fucks people up; To the point that they need to be silenced
  The hold that you had found in my veins, was not found without warning.   It was preceded by a feeling That weighed heavy in my chest.  
In a room, a white room; there was a man, an odd man.   This odd man was not like men. He was different-
A person who sees people can only try to pierce into their soul because they claim to be so bold like the word itself. As if everything I do simply makes you hate on my moves and achievements like your name is envy.
I don't know where we are going but I hope its forever. I don't know what we see but its blinding. It's insanity. It's pain, but its so desireable. I look into your eyes and just forget what hurts the most.
The boy was corrupting her like a leech stuck to her skin But she didn’t know any better so she stuck by him She started changing slowly, didn’t even notice
How can anyone love me? I have too many issues... Not who I want to be. My feelings are misused.   I choke on my words. You say I’m shy…
Get out of  my head.   Get out of my head because it's what's best for me. Get out of my head because it's what's best for you.  
My name is insanity.  See the way my teeth bleed, My eyes shine,  My cackles echo through the corridors of night. Do you see my stretching smile?  I know you do. 
Pour the knowledge into my brain, For what a pity it would be For me to learn in turn for me, So pour it in, I'll spray it out, and so on until I'm insane.   I can regurgitate ideas!
Day in and out, we speak of Diversity, Commend Creativity, Condemn pure Consistency.  We dream of a world full of Abnormality, Homosexuality,  When, in Reality, 
How are you so stupid, so naive? You brought this on yourself. Walked in a locked room with no keys. Don't bother blaming anyone else, Don't cry, beg, or plead. How do you expect to get out?
Dear Red,   I see the madness in your eyes, The insanity, the love. It’s a not matter of the chicken or the egg, But what came first?
Dear Red,   I see the madness in your eyes, The insanity, the love. It’s a not matter of the chicken or the egg, But what came first?
follow me into the dark, he said let me lay you to rest and i will come alive i will ressurect   but you, you must go, he said for i am too big to control i need to fill it all, i need to
Trapped in a decaying cell, The cell an illusion of the boundaries that cannot be broken   While watching a constellation  On the train of desperation   The silence so deep  
My dear old friend, It’s been a long time. Since my fall to madness, I never meant it, You know that. You know me! Right?
Do you know that feeling? That terrible, awful feeling when you wake up and Panic because you have no clue where you are? Do you know what it’s like to wake up like that everyday for 10 days straight? White walls.
Trapped knocking on a cylinder bottle. Child locked with no safety key Drowned in odorless desires, Panting, sweating, boiling,  Whimsically lost in this dismay.   Stumbling upon memories,
Trying to haunt me But there are worse things than you Just look in my mind.
someone once a story toldof a reign, far I may addthere lived, lonely growing olda monarch who very sadwas rapidly going mad.  
Water rushes without the light All alone, a lonely plight A whoosh of air, I’m not alone A bright, bright light Your face then shone.  
She’s locked me in this maze again How she laughs at my pain! I know of the sins she does commit To escape I shall find proof of it! Twists and turns mar the path But reward awaits my grasp.
Honestly, I'm running in Circles like Bulls in The Bronx. Doing nothing, but thinking Texas is Forever. To think this is a Bulletproof Love is naive. I may have been a King For A Day,
Tip toeing the trail of self destruction Teetering on the edge on insanity Submerged my soul in sulfuric acid Sewed my eyes shut from reality It's over when you can't break down
Waves crash The thunders roll Thrashing upon my drowning soul   How long must I await Before it becomes too late Only he holds the power to save   But does he know of the pain
The levity left holes in me, dreading waking, dreams forsaken, teams are faking, but we're waiting as we're fading with the ratings, while it's raining, not containing, life it's draining, with time we flee
The attack of a great fiend, As everything comes to an end, Black smoke fills the sky, Tears fill swollen eyes, Innocence disappears, Through the walls death peers, Fire burns at all costs,
my consciousness sputters like a dying engine the pulsations of my brain slowing, shaking (muscles too slug-like to function)   beat, rest, beat, rest
Here comes a feat of boots dressed in gold Clad in a uniform just as bold Keys wrapped in paper cloth Hands wrapped in gauze   Bloodshot eyes tinker chilled Yet he stays willed
Up there you sit and mock me,  And your rhythm, Oh it haunts me, You resound within my skull Like a rock against a hull While I lay in bed at night You remind me of your might And I swear I'll take no more Cause you shake me to the core So I'll ri
The racing of our imaginations --you argue, perhaps, that is our incentive?Lives without incentives are insane,and insanity with incentive is life.And how can we know what is beyond our mountains,
Explosion.   Nuclear warfare ignites the city; the meltdown happens far too soon to process.   My eyes flicker open to hospital lights - white sanctuary walls
The week has just started And I'm drowning in a flood Of papers and anxiety In homework and insomnia. The halls are much too crowded, There is no spaces in the rooms, My head is over crowded
If Alice fell down once and went insane, then I must be the Hatter, quite absurd.  If rabbit holes could turn one's thoughts inane, my life must be a burrow, so I've heard.  i once thought madness was externally
Part One: It's happened twice. you've been there twice. and refuse to return again. The tastes, the smell, the feeling. it's all so close now. and the pain hunts you. its almost seductive.
My eyes snap open Why am I  strapped to a chair? My mind is groggy. Where am I? Most importantly, Who am I?   I don’t know much But I know that I am comfortable, I am at peace,
It’s all so cold lost and lonely, veiled by frost- be quiet, I’m told never speak up, no cost never any loss-
Perhaps it's the world that's the reason? Or the early exposure to the truth? Mahap my altering mental season? That drives my Insanity's sweet vermouth, The weakling claims I'm mad, and 'tis is true,
Maybe it was my realization that placement of words and spaces could literally shake a nation, Wake a generation, stir a congregation, or transform no way into more ways.   
Behind closed doors is where it staysDark and gloomy to the mind's eyeIt avoids our creeping gazeWell aware of their ignorant lie
I’ve spent countless hours of my life thinking and brooding, Considering the complexities of my past relations. And it is during these times, with my emotions moving, Which cause more oft than not unsightly ruminations.
Maybe I am ill, Perhaps I am not, But the issues many of us face Remain unseen. So I ask that people read along. Look into my head, And into what I have seen. This is why I write my poetry.
It didn't take too much To bring me down to my knees. To leave me laying on the floor Covered in bruises and blood. To leave me laying alone in the dark.   So here I stay on the floor,
no more. this is the last of the Elder days  I belonged to the Elder days, their wars were personal  I fought them  I knew the lost soldiers  I am the last  the last of the Elder days 
I wonder if we were all born with the same capacity to be happy If we wake up one morning and decide that happiness is for chumps and I, my friend, am no chump If the sun rises for the just as well as those less fortunate
Maybe I am going insane. When I want to break down, Cry for the stupidest thing. Cry over the fact that I hate myself, That I will never be good enough for you, Absolutely not for myself.  
Teeth rip in Blood, thick and sweet on my tongue Salty flesh I spit out   Staring into angry, scared eyes I smile, their blood thick in my mouth
The fog fills the city Smoky tendrils wrap around the silence The moon is hidden, barely a whisper of its light survives The fog shadows everything  
Sanity Now I feel as if I'm inside of the looking glass my eyes are set on the beholder but are his on mine? I have to retain retention or it may slip away from my grasp,
ATTENTION: Body Missing. Found the Head.
find me lost in the middle of oblivion  tied to a pole in my thoughts of just givin in    like I'm trying to fight the very waves of the ocean  cause I can't find a vent for all this emotion 
“I should've smashed it… I should've smashed it…” A savage smile graced her face in insane glee Pacing back and forth Heart racing Thud-dump...thud-dump... Trickles of crazed laughter dripped from her lips
But I, being of somewhat sound mind (for the time being), Know that without such tortures I have faced (and face today) My personality would have grown dull,
"The void It knows me Almost too well The void It throws me Under the spell You're not good enough It whispers You're not strong enough For your sister It's your own fault
My psychologist says I have mental issues My mother affirms this to be true. Why do you expect me to be normal in a world so very abnormal?   They say that life is what you make it out to be
I saw those cold streets Glass shards covered over the sidewalk in November And every time you speak a little of your soul leaves your mouth Dead bodies and warm blood with the intuition to kill
 Traveling blindly Through worlds of the bizarre. Graffiti thick on the walls, Some so old that it's bored itself in Becoming part of the wall itself. Pains run deep here, Blood in the cracks
The void is speckled purple and yellow And I am floating above it             overwhelmed by nausea And I don’t know why I haven’t yet fallen in.   Space hurtles around me ever cyclical And I am here
Why must suffering even exist,That of whih I've been forced to feel?Why must the pain continue to persist?Oh, my soul shall never heal!That night, my friends, it just had to rain
A grey film envelopes the eyes, A shell replaces what once was. The body is there, But the soul is no more.   Death hath not taken What once settled within.
When your world is taken from you
that necklace is pretty.though i was told to stay away,i can’t wait to put it on me.i have a burning desire to flee;i’ve been here since last May.... that necklace is pretty.
Love is an obse
The soft ring of a baby's laughter, a smile the lips were always after. A miracle one heart beats,
who would make me do something like that? who would make me feel that way?
To the unencumbered man  entering the frightening labyrinth that is my mind I feel I should apologize to his magnanimous soul I know little myself of what lurks in there but please I beg, longing for control
The pain within my heart kills me, Drowns me, Completely destroys anything that comes my way.
Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, right?
I think I'm insane when I hear the whispering of hushed voices behind walls that aren't there when i look down at my skin and pick at every tear   I think I'm inSANE
"You can be anything you want," They sang to me on my eighth birthday. You can be a doctor, a musician Or a happy astronaut. And I believed all that they said, And that night in my bed
Losing Myself  
They say that I have problems: Schizophrenia and such. There’s a lot more, but I don’t understand very much.   Am I crazy? I can’t possibly be! There isn’t anything Wrong with me.
They come in at night when all is still they scrape away and run and steal my happiness and pleasure They see it as their treasure. Down, down, down they go into the hole where time stops and no body knows
The thought of someone else having what I had invades my concious and tampers with the already imbalanced chemicals, further poisoning my mind, causing me to act irrationally. Everything shuts down and I reach a level never attained.
Each and every day of my life, I search
Dear sweet Philip I am the one to blame. A knife held close next to my shame.   Had you kept quiet So would’ve my blade...   Wait! I see a man,  
The sound pushes out of my head they're all talking again. Their words...were they real? The talking gets louder like,
Thinking Thinking Always thinking The thoughts I sometimes don't even understand They change the way that you are to fix your ideas into neat little boxes For control For they
The wildest, rawest sound I have ever
I Am A Shooting Star Once You See Me I Amaze You But By Time You See Me, Im Already Gone My Existence Has Already Been No Longer Dead To The Outside, But Alive In Your Mind
The feel of the keyboard Is like the piano keys How I make music with words That no one wants to hear They continue to disappear  Like Forbidden Fruit  Can anyone dare to ever take a bite
I cut, I rip, I tear, I burn          The answers to questions                  For which I still yearn   There is nothing left here For me to fear               Except what is deep inside
Insanity is the first time you saw him it's the smell of burnt chicken, he tryied to make on the first date it's the sound of the phone ringing  and the feeling you get when you see his number on your screen
i just think if i could change..... what would i do? how could i make them sorry that they evr did this to me?, Because they lied and promised things like a loving family, but when night comes im cold and alone,
  I try to speak, But no words come. I try to open my eyes, But I can’t see any light. I try to breath, But no air comes in. This mask of normalcy, It inhibits me.
    Oct 16   The air is cool A steady stream of water pushing against the shore Taking bits of it with it as it recedes back to its home over and over and over again.
    Oct 15   It's loud, and then quiet. Calm followed by chaos. Too often I'll hear it, and chase after it.  
  Oct 10 2014  
I can't seem to imagine life without death.
I am lost. Long gone from sanity. Hoping, Waiting, Watching, Loving Falling into an endless abyss of confusion and pain. A way out is just a mirage and escape is no answer to my predicament. Falling from
Freak, Loser, Hopeless, Worthless. These words followed her home. She clicked the lock on the bathroom door so no one could hear her sobs.
When I look in the mirror I see the real me. When other people look at me, they see the façade that I put up so they won't know me, and judge me and make me feel like... nothing.
Orange Vial White Lid Happy Smile  The World Undid  
I can see that I'm here alone
As I sit here, Pondering.                     Wondering. Will I ever be good enough?
The monster who creeps in your window asking you to come towards it, whispering in your ear, hands you a blade  "Take it, and let your only friend heal you, let it go and come with me" 
I take a step back catch my breath. Hand on my chest, feeling the heart beat. Glad I still possess.   Is a lost love able to take a part of me? That familiar pain,
I wish you could hear them, the screams inside my head. I wish you could feel it, the monster beneath my skin, I wish you could fight them, without a blade to untouched skin,
Darling, darling she’s losing sleep, She can’t keep track of all her sheep, Numbness and tasteless overflow, When will these feelings ever go? Nightmares flooding her dark abyss,
Tears begin in her dead green eyes which fall and shatter like glass. Her heart had frozen long ago. On her face, She wears a mask.   To them She smiles; I see Her frown.
You feel the heat rushing through your veins; the time is now. All of the things that have caused you pain will vanish before the dawn arises.
Me, myself, and I The only people Who've walked my shoes And lived my life They were there Every step of the way When I fell, they fell When I laughed, they laugh
Ocean eyes that tell a story  about the rough seas  though you would never know He reveals a smile of innocent perfection  so you cannot see, nor hear about how his ship rocked
now i think... when i lived on 51st there was no such thing as dreams not even in my sleep i would wake up screaming but no one would ever hear me was it my fault that nobody was there for me?
Lustrous beams of rainbow light,
I am a sickness I am a sickness that will never leave you I am at the back of your mind I will cause you sleepless nights I am just a mistake away I am what will give you ease
[For every single]   Person all alone, every Gap in the system, all the People with a thought thinking Nobody will miss them, every   Lie ever told behind a Smile on the surface, and
I live through depression, He runs through my veins, He sneaks up on me, When I feel astrain,   He burdens my mother, And her mother too, We three share him,
Everyone has a suicide.
I said I love you.
I no longer want to be in this relationship.I want to try new things and be free.
The day started fine, soccer practice began I saw an old friend, while my teammates ran. He looked very lonely, his eyes a deep blue I wanted to stop or have him run too.
Insanity comes And never truly goes away What do you think sir?    
If you decided to leave I'd have to live with a heart broken in two If you decided to leave I'd lie on your grave and only dream of you If you decided to leave
1.) Get as much money as you can, catch a cab, bus, train, plane, etc. and get the hell away 2.) Create a virtual world online and never leave your room 3.) screw an ugly guy in return for a hitchhike ride across the country
Angst with bone trembling Is how I woke up this morning. I don't recall when I fell asleep because of the smell. This hotel is cold; And quite frankly falling apart.
No one sees who I am inside No one can understand Depression is my darkside It seems to have the upper hand   I feel bombarded by the crowds of fans They only know what is on the surface
The Human Zebra, By: Mason Pickar   As I was looking in the mirror the other night
A majestic sky covers the entire world Beauty rains down into everyone from it Yet, I must have been left out of this storm No beauty can exist in my soul Nor this imperfect skin I live in
Within a wooded forest,
Look in through the window and what do I see? The whole world that will stare back at me... The moment I walk into the street I debait on the way I should carry my feet.
It's easy to let oneself fall Upon hearing that blue call It's hard to stand with it all All that sadness and your still tall Its easy to take that knife End all your strife
Can you hear it? The sound of them crying They want to be heard We all want to be heard
Don't drown in it, they said The complex idea of conformity The self indulgence of the waves Those that wash your being away with the rest of what evolves us into what we call the world.   
I have to let you go. I need to move on. I need to be happy,  And you just made that harder for me. I will never forget you. You once made me happy, And made me believe I was a princess.
When he was young he used to fight, 
The word scares me
They told me it was okay to cry. But these tears have left hundreds of scars Auto-biographies written in my skin All etched with the hopes of finding some peace Because I only see war.  
A blow in the face And a red mark on the eye, Who said you can flee?
Little by little, the table breaks
Let me go. Let me go into the void that is Insanity. Let me go. Throw me beyond the light that is The darkest of dark nights. Let me go. Release me to the claws awaiting
My poetry hides In the unsuspecting death Of my sanity Deep within my heart Concealed secrets forbid me From my peace of mind. Desperate am I To discover the meaning Of my constant pain
They say most black teens don't live see to age twenty-one. We live by the gun so we die by it. These statistics I won't cosign with. They basic labeling me a vindictive idiot.
I awoke with a fright in the middle of the night. The light was gone; the light I saw with my eye that was missing it’s sight.
Flap Flap Flap (hits pipe) AHHHHH... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It was that calm before a tempest blew through the town It was that stillness before a crack of lighning pierces the sky It was that silent bubble of air before you drown
My sanity hangs in the balance as I write. I fill the page with a world born of darkness and light. Of a universe centered at the very tips of my fingers. It flows from my mind in smooth streams of conciousness
I don't know what happened, For everything just went black Feels like the world just stopped Now everything's just turning bad I Cant dry the tears falling from my eyes With my heart beating so fast
There she stood, an innocent little girl with the screams of madness swelling i
Down, down, down I fall, down this dark descent 
Jimena hates living in this world She comes to a point where sanity and insanity become whole She struggles to understand the meaning of her existence 
Where's my voice Above this noise? I can't break this My force is useless
Pictures and Visions and Thoughts and Words I'm going insane in this world I've got men in my head  No one in my bed And a professor that's kinda crazy Extremely long essays  Dystopian novels
Little girl, why did you follow the White Rabbit?Why did you follow him down the rabbit hole??Of course you wouldn't have known, you're only just an innocent little girl burning with curiosity.
I used to be afraid of losing my eyesight. But now I’m afraid of losing my mind. The world is beyond crazy, I find. I turn around and see my life in hindsight, A shaded memory, a darkened twilight.
Beads of sweat Collect on my forehead And are Dabbed away   I exhale, A painter Left to interpret his lucid masterpiece Hanged askew on the wall
The background was brown, a grey heavy smoke, tumbling up from a cigarette- mouth,spoke, and the darkness was swollen, in the recess of his eyes, and his static voice was one I could recognize. So real, was he, within my mind's eye.
For once in this life, I am plagued by the thing which has ruled mankind Since the beginning. I stop and look forward in this point in time, the distance of knowledge far beyond the reaches of the system--
Anticipation is a beautiful
    Am I biolar?
Not knowing what to think Always forgetting to blink Never seeking what is right
Tap Tap Tap Tap This game is impossible to beat. No matter how hard I try, my end result is always defeat.
I often see my mind as a mountain of Ice, A huge fortress of strength, intelligence and greatness. Like a monolith that will last for eons, And will spike the awe of the beholder.
In the cellar where my sanity should be, there's chipped stone walls enclosing the life I hadMy smooth skin scratches up against the rigid corners of the wall.
People say that I'm different. I see things and hear things not of their world, But of mine: Shadows and figures with no physical connection; Voices belonging to no one
He walks into my room   An old friend of mine.   He holds something shiny.   "Hello Rae."    He spit my name like something dirty.  
Mean teachers. Heavy Books.
That guy in the mirror is a psychopath,don't trust him I keep saying not to stare into your eyes,you'll see him The longer you glare at yourself,survival becomes slim
Dark... Where am I? Hello? Light...
The whispers and mumbles, somewhat quite faint, Are to the old mind, I’m afraid, much too quaint. Oh, the bright light, it comes to embrace me! But instead deceives with falsity.  
A poet, so determined, to write his first line, He wanted to make it his own; he would call it “Mine.” His intentions were incomplex; The pen would do the talking, Scribbling what was next,
Inside the classroom no homework should be had
It's a funny thing really No seriously it's hilarious
I would never refer to myself as a murderer Silence, except for the thrust of fists Nothing can calm either, not even a blissful kiss Yesterday's promises have faded to black
The absence of sanity, The absence of conscience, The absence of faith, Of emotion, Of humanity, Of sanity.
Silence is the killer, the murderer most formidable, abducting peace from Solution’s stronghold- mellowing a path toward never-ending Havoc, who takes rightful partnership alongside his accomplice.
Insanity is near,I can feel it with every tear. I'm waiting for the time to be just right, For the come of the rabbit that is snow white.  
  We live for today, die for tomorrow Our soul sits in a puddle of sorrow Wait till dawn to repent The world has turn its back because of our sins Never bite the hand that feeds
Why do you give us so much homework? I learn better in class so stop being an ass im sorry for my language actually im not i know im being a snot but listen hear 
Why so much? Can't you see i hate it!Homework here, homework there And you don't even bother to grade it.This is stupid why should we do it?Look at all the extra work and there's nothing really to it,So common let's admit that you don't even like
Wake up! Screeshes the alarm clock, only 25 till' 7,Shooting down the stairs skipping all 11,no time ,no time,I race to school,The night still aflair,the bell rings but most students dont care,
When you say "Goodbye, I love you," I just wanna take you away  and show you a better place than the dashboard and the faces people make.  
Of the train according to the front, after the order of 1000 suns cry eyeball - can all combustion terrace.
Homework... Huh, now that's a funny word. Oh wait, no it isn't, that was really quite absurd. They swear it's in our best intentions, and they insist we must go on, but what good can come from something
Broken glass, Masks upturned; The March Hare is dead, Lying there among the dancers. A giggle starts That turns to a roar; Only a laugh for the death of the March Hare. So sad his passing,
 A failure at life, I yearn for the knife. Inflicting pain on purpose. No one can make me surface. Desire to bleed. My insanity needs to feed. Not a soul knows of this, they all just seem to miss. To cry a sea of tears where there are no family or
Alone and cold, it grows so old. Scared to leave, nothing to achieve. The rose wilts, the scale tilts. Loves dies, hate flies. Passion gone, nothing to pawn. The black swallows me,
  here I’m insane there I’m even more insane because I could be sane which is strange because  I usually can’t be sane while surrounded by too many people
My thoughts sprawl across the night,even with closed eyes.I wish I could pluck little memories,and throw them miles away.They dance playfully in and out of my mind,confusing what is real.
It must be scary, in the real world where people run rampant and uncaged I think I'm safer in this place with the peaceful whitwalls and the crazies all caged atleast in here I know where I stand
Lost in a wistful wasteland. The Wind is howling stop. Don't leave- Don't go- A voice says  I'm at my final step.   Feeling as the Sky, so grey. Plunging into my life.
  I love.I lose.I learn.I leave.I live.And I love again. I give.I forgive.I blame.I shame.I renounce name.Yet still I give again. I love.I lose.I learn.I leave.I live.And still I love again.  
Ceiling, floor, chair.  Smog, concrete, bench. Plaster, carpet, couch.  Speckled foam, synthetic tile, plastic desk.   My cage wasn't made of iron bars or rustic copper.  
We have forgotten, Summer’s last innocence at Sunset, How the colors melt into Oranges and Yellows and Purples… And that faint breeze That Used to tell us We were forgiven.
Let me paint you a picture Of a world gone blind from hours untallied Peering into a window of light so blinding It consumes our thoughts every moment   Step into the door, my friend
I scream and scream and scream even as you sleep and dream. I see them die and feel their pain. God, sometimes I don't think I'm sane. The pain and screams seem to blur and that beast inside begins to stir.
Once, they exchanged roses; red and yellow, red and white. Behold the fair Ophelia in the witch-hazel night  
I don't know what's Wrong With Me.I only try to be me.The me that I want to be.Not my mother's me.Not the Father's me.MY me.
Shattered hearts and Broken dreams Call to me in the weary night Silent screams and  Fallen dreams I can't reach them. No way out No where to run Hold on to your sanity
The other day my guidance counselor Mrs. SolovayCalled me into her officeInto a crossed out corner of thisOutdated newspaper clippingIn that prison cellWhere nobody usually goesBecause like me,
  As the heat rises, people let go of one of their disguises. The temperature will soar, and one’s wild side will wage war.
  I heard the thunder outside my window last night Each bolt a blinding sight The glass slid easily, the pane stood bare On the sill I balanced there   The roof refused to hold me still
Soceity beckons me to keep my feet on the ground But I'd rather have my head in the clouds In a world infested with walking parasites You've been my lone source of light Guiding me through this tainted world
I sat and stared. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, the hour hand is stuck. slowly walking they will come. unstopping, pacing with dismay, trying to stand still. the world walks by.
Reality unbreakable,unescapable hurting, damaging, breaking
I still cannot remember Falling so deep into a puddle of dirty, blinding mud. Memories glimpse through my aching mind, Memories that so desperately want to be refreshed. I still cannot remember
The struggle is imperative. Regard this as my mental laxative Impacted by the lyrical attractiveness Ain't no facts in this shit. Lividly livin' through these writtens depictin' nothin'
What is sanity? Sanity defined: Being or having reason. What is reason? Reason defined: A motive. So, If I have a motive, does that make me sane? What if my motive is absurd?
Let me suffer Am I insane for thinking so What is life without suffering If not a blinding light that blinds the joy
Waiting. Waiting for our reunion. We had so many plans together. But it all went to hell in the last few months. Your grandpa’s death, your dad’s abuse, your mom’s BS,
I. CONVICTION Littered street corners blend with the falling snow like ash against skin Their chants ring in my ears as the cold air clings and my skin burns.
Bullyied When I felt the first hit I cried When I heard the first word I sighed But what did you do? You just, just lied
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