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Now I feel as if I'm inside of the looking glass

my eyes are set on the beholder but are his on mine?

I have to retain retention or it may slip away from my grasp,

as if this wasn't my life, it feels surreal, as if I was some type of reincarnation of another life, a happier one

This isn't me, this is isnt who I am, I see the demons of man now

That spiteful chant is a constant ringing in my ear, I must maintain my consciousness

I am man, I am man, I am man, I have to recite it to myself for so long, I must.

How can I be something I haven't seen? Haven't felt

My senses are displaced, all I feel is survival

I am man, I must maintain this thought or I will slip into that dark place 

That dark place where I am no longer a part of  earth, but earth itself, merely a vessel for time to waste away 

I must maintain it or I may waste away, as I open my eyes in this vast land to see the sea of sorrows

I must maintain my sanity 



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