Dear old friend...

My dear old friend,

It’s been a long time.

Since my fall to madness,

I never meant it,

You know that.

You know me!


I can’t imagine,

How are you feeling?

Your sister stopped by earlier,

Told me to stop sending letters to you.

That you’d never read them.

It looked like she had been crying earlier.

I can’t imagine that,

I wish you would hurry back though.

It’s dreadfully lonely waiting for you.

They said they were going to put you in the ground tomorrow.

I said to not to,

that’d you be back up on your feet in another few days.

They just need to give you some more time to pull yourself together.

I imagine it’s quite painful to snap such an important vertebrae.

However I know you,

nothing as simple as a broken bone could hold you back!

Like that time you broke your arm?

Still played in that soccer game

When we were children?

A broken neck is nothing!

Just wake up and be back soon.

I miss you.

Just wake up.


I didn’t,

I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.

You know that!


I’m sorry.


I need you,

Everything’s falling apart.

I need you.


Your old friend,

Your killer



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