No One Needs to Know the Panic

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 17:02 -- Raregy



I try to speak,

But no words come.

I try to open my eyes,

But I can’t see any light.

I try to breath,

But no air comes in.

This mask of normalcy,

It inhibits me.

It makes me invisible

To the mannequins around me.

Everyone is happy,

Everyone is cheerful.

Why do I feel

Like I don’t belong?

The tightness in my chest,

The shortness of my breath,

The constant fear

I’m worthless I’m incapable

I can’t do it I’m too pressured

Too much, too much, TOO MUCH!


No one needs to know.

No one has to be let in.

No one but me knows

What’s behind the mask.

Just turn up your mouth to a smile

And hug everyone.

No one needs to know.

No one, but me.


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