Ceiling, floor, chair. 

Smog, concrete, bench.

Plaster, carpet, couch. 

Speckled foam, synthetic tile, plastic desk.


My cage wasn't made of iron bars or rustic copper.


Shouting, screaming, make it stop.

Pounding, beating, I won't stop. 

Falling, breaking, It can't stop. 

Screeching, repeating, it wouldn't stop. 


In the Land of Liberty, am I the only one not free?


Closed Doors, opened windows.

Rainstorm, sunrise.

Red light, green light.

Wait, hault, stop - No. 


When the world started revolving, it left me behind.


Leaves, wind - please, not anymore. 

Coal, diamonds - it's not worth the wait.

Paint, canvas - just leave me be.

Paper planes, origami - making me something I can't be. 


I didn't hear the gunshot, and no one nudged me forward.


Adding, subtracting, multiplication, 

but don't get divided, never division. 

Working, running, perspiration, 

but don't halt the lines, no there's never stopping.


I'm stuck on the starting line. 


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