My Melody

Honestly, I'm running in Circles like Bulls in The Bronx.

Doing nothing, but thinking Texas is Forever.

To think this is a Bulletproof Love is naive.

I may have been a King For A Day,

but I'm just a Match Into Water.

This never ending cycle is my Madness.

But We Like it Loud, even though I'm not Free Now

And I say we because If You Can't Hang, there is more company,

So you cant Kick Me without insanity picking me back up.

And it's sitting on a Throne, making me a peasant to this body.

Though I may seem Happy, I've already Drowned.

I'm asking you, Can You Feel My Heart?

You all may agree it's not Game Over,

but I was Fashionably Late for that unanimous societal decision.

I'm not Raised By Wolves, though I seem to be categorized as so.

Because The Drug in Me is You, you as in the main stream.

Society has always made many a Ghost, abandoning those Freaking Out in the shadows of it.

Leaving the sickened Paralyzed by unnoticeable Magic.

The Future can be bright, the peasant assures wearily,

But what I'm to believe is that Forever that'll be a Fantasy

Much like society, my overwhelming is Unstoppable, right?

No, you know what, I'll look for a New Perspective.

My own perspective, where I can own an Emperor's New Clothes

I'll fight and I'll scream, "I'm ready to go, it's Time to Dance!

You think Crazy=Genius? how about you Build God, Then We'll Talk!

You were my only Impossible Year

in my House of Memories, because I forgot about all my Golden Days!

But now, Miss Jackson, I Write Sins not Tragedies

Because the tragedy of me being the slave of you, will be left as a Casual affair

And I will become your Hurricane as I reign Victorious!"

And after fighting for this body, fighting past the Tainted Love,

The Unnatural Selection

And my All Time Low

I'll Begin Again

And I'll Smile Like You Mean It.

Just please Don't Stop the Music!


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