Never Supposed To Be Me

I cut, I rip, I tear, I burn

         The answers to questions

                 For which I still yearn


There is nothing left here

For me to fear

              Except what is deep inside

              This darkened, twisted mind


        The hallways stretch and contort

     As I give all my effort

  To stay awake



I’d sooner die than admit my strife

To any of those who have given me life

      The whirlwind of the moment

      Sweeps me away

         Down into the cellars

Where I shall not obey


Their calls their pleads

Their exponential screams

My head is burning and I am still not learning

There is something wrong with me


I squeak

      Gently speak

          With breaking tone and loss of ambition

      This was never supposed to be my mission


It’s time to talk


Need to talk?

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