Let me paint you a picture

Of a world gone blind from hours untallied

Peering into a window of light so blinding

It consumes our thoughts every moment


Step into the door, my friend

There's nothing to fear here

Just fossils in this old museum

And relics from a nobler time


Over here is a parchment and quill

And here is an envelope

My favorite exhibit - the postal office

Mail carts and forlorn typewriters


Run your hands over the keys

Let the dust sift between your fingerprints

And think back to when our ancestors

Put thought into what they put to paper


We are only human

And humankind thrives on false sounds of progress

A million monkeys on a million touchscreens

Eventually they'll resurrect Faulkner


Maybe the next Shakespeare

Is a face behind a plastic screen

A double-edged sword poised

To run him through the moment he puts his mind to work


And all the while the world waits

On bated breath for status updates

Stock quotes and news and photo galleries

Some banal, some useful


But in the end our devices

Bleed us dry every second of the day

Our instant feedback at our fingertips

Is our lifestream in twenty seconds or less



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