follow me into the dark, he said

let me lay you to rest

and i will come alive

i will ressurect


but you, you must go, he said

for i am too big to control

i need to fill it all, i need to

your whole mind i will soon rule


take you out, i will take you out, he yelled

i am you and you are me

i am here and you are somewhere

in your mind, my mind, you will forever plea


i will come alive again and again, he hissed

you will die over and over

i am your worst fear no one can assist

i am stronger, far more wiser


but I, not him, I am screaming for help

I am once again on my bloody knees

I am not at rest because I cannot

Relieve my horrid self of these vividly distant memories


so tell me, is this ressurection or is this the truth

are you at rest with your brain

am I losing mine

did you tie the sun down or did I finally lose?



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