Damn Nation

To the unencumbered man 

entering the frightening labyrinth that is my mind

I feel I should apologize to his magnanimous soul

I know little myself of what lurks in there

but please I beg, longing for control

for I am an amicable woman victim to many adversities,

please release me from the hellacious state

venture to the darkest corridors which are haunting me

and shine light on them and the evil that grows in them

expose them for all that they are

face them, transcend above, and defeat them

for I have failed to do so myself

for I cower every time 

please do not leave me

for I am condemned

please do not leave me 

alone with them...


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I wonder if you'll ever read this. I can't speak as eloquently but I believe true happiness comes from within not our surroundings. I know a lot has changed and may not even recognize you but I also know that you're a lot stronger than you think you are.

Apop Tosis

thank you

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