Shattered tears and Broken Faces,

Nothing left but burning laces.

Walking down this fleeting runway,

In a chasm still my mind, says

Lift your voices true and steady,

In your heart you know you’re ready.

Rushing still, the thread unravels,

These friends never change the channel,

Jibber, Jabber, Stalk and grab her!

This night’s story? Still remembered.

Guns are loaded, bullets pacing,

Now my heart begins its racing,

Bang! One. Bang! Two. Bang! Three. Aim true.

Pull that rusty hammer backwards,

Thrust it’s vengeful flintlock inwards!

Flash! The powder throws it’s partner.

Now their voice is silenced--wait.

In the deafened silence hear them;

Voices, you once grew to fear them.

Now will you so soon forget them?

Listen closely--tears are in them.

Lonely in a darkened hallway,

Hear the voices singe your mind’s fray.

Lift your voices true and steady,

We knew you were truly ready.


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