Insanity Insanity


Not knowing what to think

Always forgetting to blink

Never seeking what is right

The lights seem to be too bright

Unsure of the truth or lies

Those pills make my mouth so dry

Wandering in mind and body

They say my stories are so bawdy

Crashing into walls and people alike

I will always be stuck in the psych!



Losing your mind to thoughts with no meaning

The other patients are always babbling

Lost love from people once known

I wonder how much my niece has grown

Insanity knows no end, it never ceases

All these rooms are just separate cages

The treatment never helps

They all ignore our yelps

The cries are heard but never listened to

Sometimes it’s even hard to chew

Nobody has time, nobody cares anymore

I feel oh so rotten to the core

Crazy to others, sensible to the owner

I’m not crazy, I’d know if I were



Insanity takes its toll in time

When did being myself become a crime?
By facing the fears of many

My eyes can sometimes get quite blurry
And imbue them into a single person

When I go speak, they meet with shun


The lunatic foams and spits words

Sometimes I don’t want to push onwards

Nonsense spoken and not understood

We’re no different than those that received sainthood
Never able to be spoken to

Before food, we have to stand in queue

One-sided conversations with no subject

I get no say in the final verdict

Locked in a single room with beds for walls

I still manage to get lost in these halls

And hugging himself by force

After screaming, my voice gets a bit hoarse

Two people constantly arguing in one head

Often I feel so misled


Hearing the knocking,

But always listening to the mocking

The beating of drums,

Constantly seeing the phantoms

The torture of sound

It makes such a horrible pound

Symbols on paper, on walls,

Thrown right back into our stalls

Engrained in the mind

Complaints are always whined

Thinking nothing but madness

My mind fades to blankness



Treated less-than-human, offered alleviation

I can hear the creatures beckon

No end to the pain, to the unimaginable

These doctors seem intent to become baneful

Visions of creatures nonexistent

Maybe all of this is just my figment

Sight of people long passed beyond

But we aren’t allowed to respond



Demented minds and souls belong to many

And our suffering is plenty

But what deems them crazy and not the public

It’s quite a devilish trick

Where do the fields mingle when eventually,

Everyone can scream like a banshee

Insanity takes us all

Insanity takes us all


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