The pain within my heart kills me, Drowns me, Completely destroys anything that comes my way. Within this darkness is a price for freedom. My soul. My soul stings in the sunlight as souls stare through me at a incoming car of insults and threats that will soon blow a hole through my head. A gun I pick up and try and try, The more I pull the trigger, The less I feel it. More of the darkness drifting on diffrent planes of a new level of PAIN.


I can feel PAIN. Always. No end to it. How in the world will this stop before I finally snap? Snap my own neck into oblivion and drink the blood of my blood of insnaity that pours over my life everyday. Doing the same thing over and over again. No diffrent results. I just wish I was dead, Gone, Completely free from the darkness outside this world and drift endlessly into a trance of peace and harmony?


Yet today, Is my day. 

To go to hell.

Then, I will truly feel pain.

Or am I already in it?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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