I knew I shouldn't get excited

I shouldn't get myself worked up

I got a little taste of freedom 

Now where am I? I'm fucked!

You took the away the ocean

with which I fell so deep in love

You took away the chances I had

To fly in the skys above

there's no sickess all the way up there

At forty thousand feet

It's only while I'm stuck on the ground

I'll have to skip the meet and greet

I was so close to freedom

Man, I could almost taste it

But now I'm locked inside a house

I was living life, and now I waste it

I grew up every single day

knowing at any time I could die

I spent my life in out of hospitals

Visiting my family and learning to say goodbye

Now you tell me I'm at risk

And to stay inside my house?

I'm not dying in captivity

I just want to go out

I get that what I want doesn't matter

and yes, I'm a danger to most

You think that I don't know that?

I'd rather die before I become a ghost

I won't be living lifeless

in this prison, cold and mean

You heart can't get sick if you don't have one

I'm wiping my slate clean

I won't die within these chains

bound so tight around my wrists

I'll cut them loose if I must

I'll watch my skin and try to miss

You took away all I had left

and now I'm completely alone

I guess I'm dying in a cage

But this cage is not a home.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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