Beads of sweat

Collect on my forehead

And are

Dabbed away


I exhale,

A painter

Left to interpret his lucid masterpiece

Hanged askew on the wall

And amongst choppy, white-water brush strokes


A silhouette




Blanketed by tendrils of warm shades--

Orange and yellow--

You beam so



I reach out and oily

Earth-toned hues graze the tips of my fingers


Suddenly, sharply

I am a part of your world


Filled with blended lines of acrylic splendor

I am transported onto the canvas

All consciousness left outside the frame


Your back faces me

As you

Dance through life


And as you leap away

Unctuous pastels have me locked in place


Tethered by my own creation

Of desire

I admire

Your entirety


Torques and blurs of black and blue shades

Are all that’s left behind

As a whirl of color strikes

My line of vision

Temporarily blind

I still sense your presence


Dancing silhouette:

The after shock of

Forked tongues and spooned positions

Leave me with tangled emotions

And unwarranted amounts of dopamine…


Find asylum within the profile of my shoulder

Breathe in my existence

As I breathe in yours

Yielding pheromones and

Primordial urges


Reality’s lines have been


For a long time now

And my memories

Defy me


All I care about is that


You are mine


And as you twirl around

A rosaceous grin follows,

A sign of recognition

I swallow, in submission

To you


In a moment of curiosity

I ask for your opinion:


Why do we associate the heart with all feeling

And emotion?
What does this pulsing organ

Have to do

With metaphysical love and devotion?


You answer:

It is the notion that with every doting beat,

We become closer--

Anatomically, transcendently


I don’t understand, but I also don’t question

Not when it feels this good


The sun has set

Dancing silhouette

And you usher me closer

With every pirouette



My pupils transport me



And I’m reminded of the world

To which I was born

Yet, I feel foreign

And I miss you already,

My muse


The subject of my heart--

My sanity keeps us apart


So now I’ve made up my mind


Good morning, 

Dancing silhouette

Your surrealistic smile

Welcomes me back

And I feel home


Your mere attention ties my feet to bricks

And with the taste of your lips

I find myself underwater,

Lungs bursting


Let me be your contour

To shape our pastel future

Teach me to dance,

To dance through life

While I assure you of my virtue

To be the only one


For you


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