Her Story

The soft ring of a baby's laughter,
a smile the lips were always after.
A miracle one heart beats,
for the present is all a soul needs.
Toys and wishes floated within reach,
never forgetting to make wonderful memories.
Grown up talk was getting old,
always wanting to be part of the adults.
As age began to take hold,
everything was forgotten like a bag of coal.
The people seemed to never know,
lopsided grins and silly jokes were always told.
Happiness was always the reward,
love was the thing young hearts adored.
If only we could have soared,
maybe then our future would have more to hold.
Losing an uncle made the darkness,
everyone always had some sort of misstep.
Suicide was written in his letters,
sooner or later his mother followed.
Tears flowed but the younger one never mourned,
the night held shadows darker than a storm.
Lightning lit up the sky making cries rage inside,
a father left his family without a simply goodbye.
Up in the stars we always swore,
everyone was slipping from our door.
Never once had we realize what we missed,
until the need to breathe was forgotten.
Relief seemed to be far from free,
cuts were the price we all knew it was high.
Darker thoughts rose from bellow,
a plan for a heartbreaking departure took a hold.
Before hope could light the way,
the water shone without a break.
Maybe there was wisdom hidden in the current,
and knowledge deep under the surface.
Time was unforgiving and had no mercy,
it drug her forth bringing her forward.
As the future grew near fear rushed in,
her dreams were far beyond reach.
She kept forgetting her fathers face,
or the smile that could light a thousand eyes.
She tried to capture the memory,
but each time it would hide.
She was tired of the games,
over and over she'd lose again.
This life was a constant war,
it was always on her broken mind.
Until the night when flames aligned,
paper and pens were gifts then.
Scribbling her passion onto to the pages,
she knew then a story would always fit.
In her heart she knew it was right,
her pain dissolved into words.
She would always remember,
that she never did really lose. 
This poem is about: 
My family


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