Am I Insane

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 20:06 -- joke


United States
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Let me suffer
Am I insane for thinking so
What is life without suffering
If not a blinding light that blinds the joy

You can't understand joy
Without knowing of suffering
Is it not beautiful, joy and suffering
Am I insane for thinking so

I love life its lows and highs
Deep as the ocean where life lives
Or as high as the mountain where you only see the white of cluods
Both are beautiful

If I cry for a death
The coffin creates a coal and the tears make a diamond
If I fall in pain my blood is honey, and my cast is gold
Let me remember my failure and laugh

If I meet my love it will only be because of the pain
The scars create beauty
Am I insane for thinking so
That both pain and joy are beautiful

Because I love it
Insanity, it is beautiful


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