When your world is taken from you
And you’re left dark, lost, alone
When you spin in circles, dizzied
And your head cracks on a stone
When you journey far and wide
To find a place you dearly treasure
When you spend not time, but moments
With a magic beyond measure
When you crash, burn, bleed, and cry
When thoughts are gone astray
When your eyes and heart lay open
To return above someday
When you wish upon a star
That you claim from heights above
And the star falls from the sky
Slaughtering your true love
When you run far out of sight
So your feet don’t touch the ground
And the weightlessness surrounds you
One was lost and is now found
When your memories betray you
When you have no sighted eye
When you search, seek, yearn, and fight
To stay, to want, to try
When you feel like you are failing,
Falling, dismembered on the floor
Your limbs and soul separated as if
Living is a chore
When you’ve forgotten what you are
Where you’ve been or what you’ve seen
When you can’t recall a time or place
Where happiness had been.


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