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United States
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You feel the heat rushing through your veins; the time is now.

All of the things that have caused you pain will vanish before the dawn arises.

You think to yourself as you take a shot from that precious bottle, "Thank God, this is it. I was the problem, and now...I am also the solution."

Alone. No job. Nobody cares.

This is your life now.

It has been eating at you for ages, the want, the urge, the thirst for all of your troubles to disappear.

When all is wrong, where do you turn?

To "God"?

To "Satan"?




Your life is a living, breathing hell.

This agony, this travesty has all commenced into something revelational and clear to you now.

You're in a drunken, near-blackout state as you grab your keys and stumble to your car.

You get in, start the car and back out slowly.

The radio blares at you and you quickly shut it off; this will be a silent trip.

You get to your destination; a rusted bridge on the outskirts of town, Highway 322.

You get out of your car and trip as you're on your way to your newfound glory.

As you try to get off of the ground, a heavy weight holds down your chest and you can no longer breathe.


Your life flashes before your eyes,

all of your demons disappear and for a brief moment, you are happy.


Comsummation at last!

A truly happy ending!


You wake up, it is dark, cold, and musty.

You look up to see the beauty of your mother sobbing over your lifeless corpse.

"Doesn't he look happy?" Recites the congregation over again.



Is it more than just a state of mind?


Consider yourself lucky with the time you have been given and make something from nothing.

Self-worth is the most important thing you can have in order to have a better understanding of your wants and needs.

It doesn't have to end and it shouldn't have to end.

IT's not the end, it is barely the beginnning.

Write one more chapter, you never know how much farther it will take you.

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