Insanity Blooming


Wake up! Screeshes the alarm clock, only 25 till' 7,
Shooting down the stairs skipping all 11,
no time ,no time,
I race to school,
The night still aflair,
the bell rings but most students dont care,
They run, they holler, they greet, and they skip,
All as I watch with my legs step by step,
The judgemental eyes through the day,
The work, the work, that never flies away,
Turning some sour, theyre heads full of logic, no longer imagination,
only to avoid conflict, its aluring invitation,
There are those who stay and fight,
And those who are there by force,
I walk through the halls, and they are those who ditch of course,
why are they here? When will they learn? There are those that think highly of self, and those who show no kindness for sheer fear of loss, people are no longer people, only a new competition to cross, feelings dont matter, yet everyone spills of emotion,no one is ever themselves, the joy destroyers, They are no help, for they help themselves, theyre ears for authority lost, ill be myself, but at what cost?


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