Love is Dangerous

What have you done to me?

Got wandering the streets at 3 AM.

Knowing you're laying with another man.

Got my will, fight, and strength in the palm of your hand.


I am foolish to fall in love

With a girl with a job like yours.

I'm in store for a trial of pain.

Ready to battle for you again.


The lady and I had an argument.

Seemed like you were heaven sent.

You waited for men down by the liqour store.

Wanted a buzz,quick love, you claimed you'd do that and more.


Pointed to the motel up the street

Got a room, went to work, and then we kicked up our feet.

Had a smoke and talked about all the nonsense.

What led us in this moment?

Was it our wins or our losses?


Gave me your number and next Saturday went on for a few months.

I need more than your body.

I need your soul and your love,

but the job kept calling you back.

Knowing you had men giving you pleasure  put me in the mode to attack.


And like that I followed you and your clients.

Tried to lay low but my luck wasn't buying.

60 in a 40's on foot's what I did.

Fought a couple of guys  and me seeing you is what you had to forbid.


Could'nt  comply says I and I ride by every night.

You get it on with the lights now?

Sometimes during the day I shoot your way.

You say love but say i'm crazy.


If I can't have you then no one can.

We're all guilty in this.

No time to act innocent.

We need to be punished.

I grab the shotgun out of the garage

and throw it in the backseat. 

Make my way to your place.

I shoot on sight you want your life don't ask me.


There you go with the lights.

I bust through the doors

and your eyes in fright.

I shoot him in the gut and I make you choose.

Is sex with these chumps or's it just me and you?

You say you can't do it and the game is what you lose.

I pullet a bullet in your top then I kick the boot.

Put it to my temple and I shoot.

Our souls crying blue. 


Love is so dangerous....



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