Fuel the Nightmare Fire



Nuclear warfare ignites the city;

the meltdown happens

far too soon to process.


My eyes flicker open

to hospital lights -

white sanctuary walls

keeping six survivors safe.


I stagger down halls,

IV-strapped hand

dragging the metal post

feeding my veins.


Seven is critical; severe condition.


My blood is transfused

with the surgeon's words of ice,

yet the struggle goes onward.


I won't leave the one I love.

I cry out the pain

before our encounter.


I cry even more when

I discover the truth,

my darling ...


This hope was hopeless.


A savage they have made,

clawing like a creature

through air vents and

hallways - a shadow.


I run forward,

stumbling as far as

these legs can take me.




All the pressure

can't hold these steps,

nor can they conceal ache.


"I don't want you anymore."


A lone beast now more than ever

has wilderness in her eyes.

I am met with them

and eternal last words.


I can only watch as she turns away -



That's how I wake;

I'm howling your name,

fearing impending abandonment.


Although, you never do.


My loyal wolf never left to begin with.

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