Hell's Gift



But I, being of somewhat sound mind (for the time being),

Know that without such tortures I have faced (and face today)

My personality would have grown dull,

My thoughts would have been created hardly vivid,

And my memories would have been unbeneficial to see.


For a fortunate son would have nothing to teach,

And a lucky man would have nothing to say but brag,

And an all-powerful man would have no struggle to grow upon

And an unearned wage would have never successfully motivated its recipient.


I don’t know who sent me here, or who made me into the mess I am,

Be it God, Allah, an outsider, or myself, But I have full reason to thank this being,

And not just so he/she/it witnesses my gratefulness and rewards it,


I thank whathisface everyday for the circumstances of my past and present (and future),

Not out of hope that I will one day find myself in the gift of heaven,


But out of the knowing that Hell is a gift of its own.

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