Permanent Vacation


The whispers and mumbles, somewhat quite faint,

Are to the old mind, I’m afraid, much too quaint.

Oh, the bright light, it comes to embrace me!

But instead deceives with falsity.


Could I fathom being here for the years to come?

Perhaps if people applauded where I came from?

No mere mortal should succumb to this life,

Cut off from knowledge, living with such trife!


At night, I can hear the words they form,

But there’s nothing there! Maybe I’m worn?

They have given me oval medications they say –

Will cast these phantom voices I hear slowly away.         


It’s foolish to think this because my whole life,

I have felt this way was enough to suffice.

Oh how lonely it will be when I’m all alone –

When their words vanish, a sudden chill to my bones!


I guess I should look at the pros to this place,

For instance, I have a grand amount of space!

Ah, this permanent vacation, perhaps not bad after all.

I will gaze up at the ceiling, and soon admire the walls.




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