Day in and out, we speak of Diversity,

Commend Creativity,

Condemn pure Consistency. 

We dream of a world full of Abnormality,


When, in Reality, 

Most of our country believes Christianity,

And that Islam's Insanity,

Along with Polygamy.

We live in a nation of utter Hypocrisy;

If you love Variety, 

Embrace change and Happening!

Don't mock the people who alter Society

Then scoff at Conformity

While living Compliantly,

Behaving with the utmost Propriety, 

Loving Normalcy and

Fearing Spontaneity. 

Create an Ideology and live life Accordingly, 

Release the Anxiety

Of the Minorities.

Don't be medieval and fear your Uncertainties.

Learn of the Scarcities, 

And let's live in Harmony.


This poem is about: 
My country


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