Fri, 04/29/2016 - 12:52 -- Wolvena

Teeth rip in

Blood, thick and sweet on my tongue

Salty flesh I spit out


Staring into angry, scared eyes

I smile, their blood thick in my mouth

My tongue flicks out to taste that blood again


They move away

I follow them leisurely

The taste of that blood still on my tongue


Reaching out a hand I run a finger down their spine

They couldn’t move fast enough

A shiver and they’re still

Like a frightened little deer


That just excites me more

Is that so bad?



I move my head towards their neck

Giving it a gentle lick

Oh I want that tantalizing blood


I smile

My mouth opens wider

I bite down

A scream rends the air

All I can think about is that delectable blood

The crimson running down my throat


I hear them scream a word

My brow furrows

What did they say?

They scream it again



Is that what I am?
Perhaps so.

Ah well

So be it

I am a Monster.



this is well written and very different style

i like the way you write, good job

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