Time? Never! Brie, Asiago, NOT Cheddar

Wed, 12/02/2020 - 01:52 -- SirDuck

Oh I don’t know, 

it’s four past midnight here.

I do believe that cheese is best served at Three.

However, you have asked so nicely.

In fact the other day I met a gent with half the time of you

And you really could tell,

When he asked for cheese

He forgot to say please

When he knocked on my door.

I said good god, you have the figure of a shoebox

And your knocking on MY door at four?

Oh it just won’t do

Would you like brie?

Something less spreadable?

Asiago or Gouda?

There is NO Cheddar!


He said the most absurd thing to me

He said he’d never heard of four.

That a door was just a door.

And that he didn’t really like cheese anyways.

I of course was so insulted I shut the door in his face.

Promptly closed the curtain and pretended it was three.

What was I supposed to do, wait for five minutes!?

Don’t be mad!

Now at seven,

it was time for me to water my plants

I remember because I almost missed it.

Honeybuns was at six thirty

And usually I wait until I see a bird on forever street

Before I start to come home.

However no bird was showing and I got so flustered

I almost missed seven all together.

Now anyways what was I saying?

Oh yes!

At seven I was watering my plants

I have one just above the kitchen sink

It watches over your hands and keeps them from chafing

She is a wonderful thing.

While I was watering her I noticed that weird man

Was standing down the street at the dock!

Now at first I wasn’t that alarmed.

However I have noticed his blatant disregard for time,

And as the days go on it is quite distressing to me

In fact he was still just standing there this morning.

Now what kind of person doesn’t wave at the trees

when noon rolls around?

A mad one I tell you!

He didn’t run in a circle at one

Or yell at the moon five after that.

I thought about bringing him cheese at three

But to tell you the truth I am afraid to go outside

Just knowing he is out there with a hatred for time

It’s enough for me to lock my door five before three!

I really would sleep better if you lock yours too.

I would love for you to stay and chat

But it’s almost one

And I really should be getting ready to run in circles on the street.

Goodbye my old friend!

Please do check in again,

Should we say oh, I don’t know

The same time again tomorrow?


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