Reverie of a Madman

They say that I have problems:

Schizophrenia and such.

There’s a lot more, but

I don’t understand very much.


Am I crazy?

I can’t possibly be!

There isn’t anything

Wrong with me.


Why am I in this cage?

Just because I can’t remember my name

Doesn’t mean that I am insane!


If these walls could speak, what would they say?

Would they grieve for the loss of those who had been in this room,

Not realizing that their time was wasting away?


Or do people enjoy losing their minds?

Do they like the sense of clarity that it brings,

Like knowing why the caged bird sings?


The visitors I had today,

The visitors do not exist,

Or so the doctors say.


I told the doctors about the knight

Who showed me how to make pictures with raindrops on the window.

They simply said that my mind is in limbo.


The dragon told me a story

Of how he rescued the knight from the princess,

But the knight got all of the glory.


The princess tells me about the voices,

The voices, the voices that whisper all around

As you slowly feel your sanity giving ground.


“No! Stop! Get out of my head!”

At least, that’s what I wanted

Before my sanity fled.




Room to think








What a luxury

It must be

To lose your




My friend, what if you are the one who is in chains bound to this earth,

And I am the bird, the one who is soaring free?

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