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The struggle is imperative.

Regard this as my mental laxative

Impacted by the lyrical attractiveness

Ain't no facts in this shit.

Lividly livin' through these writtens depictin' nothin'

No pictures or fine fixtures

Fixated on the absence as I concentrate on this mixture

Cup combined with liquids that make the current moment vivid

Prolly gon make me do som'n

I regret but inspire me to write a lyric

Puttin' off my worries, puttin' shit off for another time for me to fix 'em. 


Like I'm fallin' in a crack in nonexistent gravity

People callin me to come back as I'm causin my own casualties

I banish me in my own corner caused by guilt and lack of sanity

Ravished and in need of health but I just feed into my vanities

Lavish me in my own pride and die from my ego's cyanide

Let my demons be your guide

You wouldn't know the difference if you tried

Devising my own plans to withstand this land full of empty-headed man

Kind of like empty-handed people takin' fruit up off your land

Then expect to be fed but won't lend a helpin' hand

If you was sinkin in the ground, if you step foot inside the sand

Never ask you what you need but will sit there and demand.

Outstanding fits of selfishness devising my own plans

So I focus on myself and lie in my own mental wealth

Y'all hate me cus I'm free, disastrously planning catastrophes y'all want done to me

Because you're slaved by your savagery

Instead of freeing ya mind, enslaved by time and the grime you've devised

Y'all make me go crazy

So go ahead, look me in my eyes and see if you can tell if I'm spittin ignorance or helpin' you be wise

The truth ain't a crime but neither is a lie

Facades are often sublime if your idea of beauty is aligned with what ur eyes see as divine

But that's all y'all see is wit ur eyes

This world advises us to see the beauty it supplies to us but most y'all don't see the fact that it's a disguise

And y'all don't kno how much y'all really mentally traumatized from what y'all eyes refuse to prize.


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