A Drive Through My Mind

The levity left holes in me,

dreading waking, dreams forsaken,

teams are faking, but we're waiting

as we're fading with the ratings,

while it's raining, not containing,

life it's draining, with time we flee

low but gaining, back up to see

the picture bleed, filled with weeds,

the past can't see what you can be,

pining for time, high with the trees,


tripping to find concrete beneath,

breathing in lines, all crammed inside,

all want to die, bad time to drive,

don't ask me why I fear my mind

feeling despised, lost in surmise

caught in their eyes, we cannot fight

the chasm of time

you cannot buy a pure sublime

to ease your mind, futile signs

from memmory placate the grind

finding the truth, far too horrid

rain hit the roof, telling stories

it washed away, with yesterday

and the sun rays, lost in a grey,

back when they forgot my birthday,

I felt a pain that left me drained,

lanquid and tame, silence complained

for the screaming it could not say,

sometimes my brain 

sounds quite insane

so close to the opposite lane,

what was my name?

rarely refrain from consuming

escape, breathing it in like some

pure oxygen, feeling a win,

but bitter sin 

in aftertatste

you see a bit left on my face

again I get too high to sit

it's time to dip, I lost my grip,

solace was ripped when the view slipped

behind eyelids

can't match the bid,

life feels sordid to the poor kids

can't ignore it, saw what they did,

now I must give this pen a lid

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