A Bout of Anxiety

The void is speckled purple and yellow

And I am floating above it

            overwhelmed by nausea

And I don’t know why I haven’t yet fallen in.


Space hurtles around me ever cyclical

And I am here

            And I am not

And now is the past

            And the present is an illusion

And I exist

            And I don’t know why.


Right and Wrong         Real and False Sanity and Emotion.

I feel the Shadow thrown over me like a cold sheet

Squeezed by nothing

            I am about to e x p l o d e

Eyes popping


Land before me.


Matter does not matter.

The Shadow is


            the world is less than solid

Why do I feel

pain so hard that I can’t think straight

            the more CLEARLY I see

            the less I can communicate

Then I am sane.

Then I nest

in the heart                   of sanity

Then I am inside                      INsanity


Then I am insane, but in here there is always pain.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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