Me, Myself, And I

Me, myself, and I

The only people

Who've walked my shoes

And lived my life

They were there

Every step of the way

When I fell, they fell

When I laughed, they laugh

So in the end, when I said to myself

"We're alright?"

I was asking a best friend

Don't worry

They aren't imaginary friends

I'm to old for that

Rather they're me, myself, and I

Old, old friends

Been there since the day I was born

And until the day that I die

I like them, they like me (most of the time)

We usually agree

I don't have to sensor my words

Think them through

Because they'll understand

There's no room for misinterpretation

No language barrier, no separate lives

Between me, myself, and I

There might be a few lies

A few truths

And a lot of confusion

But we're friends

And friends stick together


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