She Wears a Pink Shawl

I've traveled many lands

To a find a mind like yours.

I'm writing down new plans

Once I reach new shores.

Now i'm somewhere in the islands

Underage mystery face in a bar.

Then I see you having a ball on the floor.


Jet black, got that hair straightened. 

Heart attack, that smile's illuminating.

She's sing me a song not like the one's that's playing.

She sees i'm patient, but inside she knows i'm really anxious.


Exposing to a world outside of the country.

A couple sips of something sour

Experiences i've been wanting.

The touch of the skin is haunting.

Oh i'll remember these faces.


She Wears a Pink Shawl

She's having a ball


Can't front so I admit you came to me.

Asked what's up and poured a drink for me.

I refused but next thing i'm on that shawl.

Asking "Why you've clinged on so long?"

"Well it's covering battle scars."

"Well how have you've let people not mess up your mental?"

"Well baby it inspires me to keep dancing and to be gentle.

For tattered mind that have recovered,

And this shawl right here was from a past lover

who was shot by my father

and everytime I touch this fabric

All I can do is imagine

That his body's close to me and we'll be making magic by the time the night is over

I dream alot. 

Call me a poser, but I believe he's out here 

Looking for me as I am for him.

He always enjoyed this club.

I don't like to dance but I do it for him.

Oh I remember his words.


'Ive enjoyed this time together.

Definitely i'll be writing this down.

Think about how lovely the weather

Hopefully you'll come back around. 

Gathering thoughts about late night rides.

Going over these moments for the rest of my life.'


Well its 1:35 and I need to go home.

My daddy's waiting for me he said I can't be alone.

I'm always painting pictures

I'm in a whole nother zone.

My world is turning I need Lucy and Lionel to keep me leveled.


My shawl is all I have

Been called a delusional wino.

The touch of him is still here

Feel it all up on my spinal.

We all have that one thing that shows us love always exist.

No matter the body is gone the soul will find a way to live.

Whether through good or bad times

Joyful or painful tears.

No matter the situation

Memories can be medication, 

but my shawl is all my sedations.

Hating my baby's gone, 

but it won't be long til I hear his voice on the phone."


She Wears a Pink Shawl

She's having a ball

She Wears a Pink Shawl




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