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I cum from deep pain, I'm bleeding out.... In a passion I can no longer contain. Cum near Me Babe.... I promise it'll hurt I promise it'll passion I promise it'll Me A matrimony of all My prodigious desires
Webster’s dictionary definition: An intense feeling of deep affection. A great interest and pleasure in something. This is the definition of love as a noun.   Feel deep affection for someone.
The night wind roared awakening the silent sea Waves crashed violently against the rocks Yet the village was still sound asleep It was time for the monsters to come out and play Causing ruckus in the peaceful land
When the rain stops And the sun drops Below the horizon line Do not forget the time we shared Or how I held your hand in mine   But when the sun shines In your lovers eyes
If I ask when you won your freedom, Could you give me a reply? Could you list the names of men And women who fought until they died?   Could you tell the tale of those who fell
Shall I allow these iron bars that encage my body to also encage my soul Verily i say these bars will not be allowed to constrain me
I have a friend named Alex she is so nice  if you ever meet her you will be friends at first sight. Once she walked in my class i knew that this was gonna be the best  school year of my life!
is it me, or just a comforting presenceone that wont look at you wrong, a fear of feeling i may never be more than you wanted me to bea wild feeling, one i cant escape are you a feeling, or true comfortsecurity, safety, and seamless satire who am
there has been little that is  quite as freeing as running naked into the ocean under the light of the full moon
The shadow of your hand lingers on my skin, While tire tracks engrave upon the dirt. The day you left was the day I changed, The memory of you will never be the same. I wish you could see the debt you owe,
There is something about changing.  It is the realization of who you’ve become and who you want to be. It took me a long time to open my eyes to something I didn’t want to accept. 
Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes f
Art is Inspiring  By Ashley Rissmiller  Art is inspiring!  Art flows from the creative mind.  The poet… The painter…  The dancer…  The musician… The actor… The dreamer…  
Love is all in vain The vulnerability Romanticized There is nothing romantic about this pain There is nothing i love about hurting
The star shine is bright, blinding sparkling blue and red and orange and yellow so she has to squint. The contrast of light against the  total black of the night sky is nearly unbearable.  
We are not appraised by how we begin Nor are we judged by our face or our skin We learn to hide what we’re told to by others Using our clothes and makeups as covers  
Snow lightly coats the top of the river, Sides of houses covered in icicles, Christmas lights shine so bright Headlights look too similar. I danced in the riverbanks and couldn't help
Love yourself and everything falls into line. Love others and let your light shine. Have a nice day and make the world bright. Make sure every day feels like a glorious flight.
Children of the lion. Biding to be free. The motherland of the people. Cries with the trees.  
Our goodbye A sad view We never knew Three years of blue You held my heart too close to yours What's left of me? Can I love?
I am not your magic wand. I will not come when you beckon for my flesh. I will not grant your every wish like a genie in a lamp, a slave to your waking whim. I am not chained in bonds of service. Nathan is a free elf.
Long rigid legs like chopsticks Riding the seas got seasick Snapping your snout like click click You are a sandpiper, not a sandchick   
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone you’re gonna miss the way I loved you you’re gonna miss the way I let you hurt me you’re gonna miss what I let you get away with you’re gonna miss the way my hair shines in the sun
As far as I can remember family gatherings have consisted of speech regarding illegal aliens and the economy. I can not remember a time when my family was not concerned with such things.
All of a sudden you’re falling   You’re running a marathon, free like a bird, but then all of a sudden you’re falling.  
So many poems these days remind me of a college poetry class presentation. Not the students who genuinely want to be there there. No, the students who took the class for an easy A and are now forced to write to pass the class.
I look in the mirror Reflecting back I don't like what I see Group of girls besides me Looking pretty Why can't that be me?  They try to reassure me I see the lies through their teeth 
I’m not a child no more Expanding out from my roots viewing my horizons But soon far away and the connection is vague
My glow up is when I'm the best me The best me is who I ought to be I can be on the outside pretty But who am I? What do I see? A caged animal? Or someone free? I'm the best me when I'm happy  
They say the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, But I have tried so hard to just be free. Trapped in the life that was killing me.
Betrayal Something we all must go through Something we all must understand It will burn for some time For no reason, you might cry
Even when I think it'll be a rainy day, I watch my blue skys fade away from grey.   Sunflowers dance all around, Under the clouds I'll never be found.   I love my little flower garden,
Day in, day out What is it all about? I can’t deny This change I’ve taken Maybe I’ll be different.   I’ve walked through Depression I’ve walked through Anger I’ve fought my battles
A feather, left behind a trail to beyond and unknown. The world looks scary at first but little do we know the little bird is growing up. The High and lows of life hit you like waves in the ocean.
As the time continues to go by Without us knowing, the clock is slowly ticking Our energy depletes after the end of a day And in the morning we start the same routine all over again
My father and I were sitting in a new restaruant looking over the menus. We loved to go to new places and try new foods. I think it was one of the many reasons we got along so nicely.  
For the longest time,  I let it encapsulate me.    Fear gripped me with its  frozen, harsh, ugly hands.  They were unrelenting.   I would tell you a story  of suffering  of  pain 
Someone once asked me why a reader would write. Why, when the bookshelves have run out of space? Why, when there is nothing new under the sun?
The Room is so Cold  But my Child you are very Bold  Don't put yourself Down  You are no Clown  Your smile is Bright  You will be Free at Night 
Life is long Like a race We have to run We need to beat other runner But what’s the purpose?   You don’t have to run When you don’t know your destination It’s okay to stop
The only creature  who truly knows freedom: high-flying bird   Give me freedom or  Give me DEATH! I'll settle for rights.    A 16 year old  with car keys in hand
It was a dreary night when it had happened, I was craving the sweet release of death, And I'd been wanting it for a long time. I had grabbed the red and blue pills, Gazing at them with true desperation in my eyes,
Floating on the clouds Running through the sky No more weight on my shoulders  No more feeling like I want to cry I look back and regret all the tears I cried The pain was beyond, now the stress is gone
Get Free Jeffery:   Making out --- Get out get free Jeffery - Break the mold Model the mound of clay Tracers free the me see the key dream the new acts of power.
I am A grandmother without wrinkles,  A raven without feathers, A mother without children.  I am A writer with no paper, A singer with no listeners, A wind with no kites.   
Darkness, darkness, why do you love me so? I beg you to leave, yet you will not go. I dig in my nails, jagged and frail, To the bed I’m stuck, to no avail,
I know it's not right, I know its not fair, Every time you look that way, I just can't bare   You flick a switch,  becomes so bright Only you can douse the flames of desire, 
“How do I grow?” Asked the rock to the tree. “I want to have arms, so I can move and be free.” “Is that what you really see?” asked the tree.
It’s like a release A finger slipped free from the strings Of a heart torn up and twisted Like the exhale before sleep Fills those eyes and takes you away Like everything can move
She let's down her hair and sighs. Her head hung down. Her heart sunk low as a single tear ran down her face. She couldn't help but wonder When would this nightmare end? When could she truly smile again? Only god could answer her.
My hero is invisible. She comes out in the bright colors that cross my mind, The beautiful stories that feed my imagination. My role model is the reason why my trees are green,
My eyes open wide to the sky up above   the chill in the wind blows through me.   I open my arms at the sight of a dove,   but the pearly bird confused me.    
Poetry changed my life, Poetry set me free and let me fly, Poetry taught me to love myself and never cry, Poetry has forever changed my life.   Without poetry I would be caged,
Two tiny turtles placed in a plastic shoe box at the corner of a cabinet Their quality of life is equal to their cheapness of the quality box
Poetry reaches the depths of the soul, climbing into the parts that yearn to be whole Tugging on our heart strings, just trying to teach us things I let the words speak to me, Poetry has taught me how to be free!  
You are my escape, my refuge, my solace You keep me at bay when I can't escape the darkness Your my life, my passion, my light at the end of the tunnel You keep me safe, pick me up when I stumble  
The flock finds nothing to worry about. For with the cold sun, It shall fly south.   The lion wrinkles not Despite its kindred loss.
Free your mind, free your mind What does it mean, really, to "free your mind? Is it to have a brain with no thought? Like weight with no size?
In life, I'm suppressed  but on paper, I'm free poems are an artform the escape I need
When my pencil hits the paper I feel the world come to a stop. Suddenly I hold my voice in one hand. The chains that constrained me drop.   I'm not small. I'm not scared. I'm not silent for you.
The ones who walk away Are the ones who don’t care,They can’t be bothered to.  
Self-expression is something that has always been difficult for me. I never know the right words to say so others can truly see the troubles that I face and the emotions that I feel.
I see a dove, a dove without its wings, Like it cannot fly, one cannot be free,  And so my heart inquisitively sings, What is the freedom that one can agree? For possessing not freedom is what feeds:
I wanna cherish the new day, I wanna sing with the sunshine. I wanna dance with the wind and The stars in the nighttime. I wanna live. I wanna laugh. I wanna love my God and people everywhere--
  I do not decide who I am, for who I am is decided by another Some may think I strive to harm, but some may see me as their brother.
Dear Me,   Soon, you’ll see, very soon, when the moon’s out, In a glorious afternoon where it’s rare  To see her scout amongst the chaos ‘round, You will see a girl starring eastbound and,
Dear Blue, The look in her eyes shows the pain The smile she puts up is just a phase She has been living in such a daze. Plays pretend with reality
The sun is asleep and the moon is only half awake. My mind is blurry and my heart is half paced. Crickets are chirping in slow motion as I ascend into open space.
Dear Ex-best friend, While it has been months since we last spoke and an infinite amount left until we will speak again, it is time to get this off my chest.
Why can't I just be a bird, that reaches up to the sky looking down at all the views and always free to fly? Why can't I just be the sun,
Bumps of ketamine. Go to bed real late. It’s not what it seems, Hell is a soulmate.   Vodka made of tears,
I can easily entice you with connotations displaying my utmost state of vulnerability and innocence, but this is not a sad story detailing the division of myself from You.
  I want you. For who you are alone while holding hands with me. Freedom I hug you, because yes, because no. I hug you to empower you, never to become one.
Light Living in my skin When daylight reaches past 8 And arises before 7 An axe splits open my shell A familiar coffin of cobwebs
Hello Liz Today you drank some brandy but it did more than get you drunk you were supposed to walk a dog today but you fell asleep you were supposed to talk to your mom today but you fell asleep
Text me when you're home Safely Did you eat? I can buy you something Gave you all my love All I could give But what I couldn't do was Forgive
It's crazy what i did for love You put me in a box that kept getting smaller. and smaller. and smaller. Instead of breaking out, I curled up and made myself smaller. and smaller. and smaller.
Because i love you, I let you walk all over me. I forgave your infidelity. I gave you my heart, you replaced it with yours.
Walking on eggshells in order to please you,  you said that if I didn't listen you would sabotage me.  Send my pictures to college admissions, tell my parents that I had begun drinking again. You claimed it was 
What does it mean to love? Is it a title? Is it to act like a vital?   No, it is much more. Much more than I can implore.   It is a feeling a feeling of believing.  
Because I love you, I will stay with you When we end up far apart, that won't stop my heart form loving you the way I do I'll let you be free, never to be caged Letting your dreams be free to roam as a wild stalian
Free Push her to the ground, watch her fall.See how strong you are?She cries from the pain and you just listen to her screams.Over and over again, In her mind, she dies.
A wish to see the outside world of wonders the sort only found in dreams: thingamajigs, people and clothes full of splendor. Falling, falling, still not quite so drowning, Wet hardness, met with the surface of the ground.
I didn't know what happened. One minute I was out at sea sailing with no aim. A storm stomping his way. Thunder clapping with the cold rain pouring down so heavily. I lost control of my boat, blacking out after I was hit by a barrel.
What does it mean to be free Is it simply to live to breath to be?   Why is America obsessed with being free when we live we breath we're "we"   I am free I live
Heaven-hued are my eyes, the very ones which have been blinded a numerous amount of times.   And the cold must try harder to make me unfurl my fists of agony,
Oh say can you see America I breathe Powerful and free   Stop trying to bring us down   The best in the world But I am only a girl Am I allowed to dream?  
What a glorious place is this, that the freedoms of speech and religion prevail. What a devasted place is this, that th stifling of free press exists. What a magnificent place is this,
America, Americathe land of the freeAmerica the beautifulbuilt on bravery   But are we as boundlessas we claim to be?  
Am I Brave, as they say? Or do I continue for my fear Of failing? Equality, Individuality Unity, Diversity The archaic American Ideals
Slaves, wars, and riots Our history is terrible We cannot deny that Allowing innocents to be killed Allowing houses to be burned Allowing the world around us to crumble
America the great America the free, but if that's it why are you caging me? With society so mean! And these people in magazines! With people judging our sexuality people where is your humanity?!
Why is one man raised above another? Thinking he's better just because of a color Why does one man think he can choose who belongs? Thinks he can choose who stays or who gets pushed along
We are the country who Pledges our allegiance to A flag of Purity Valor Perseverance And justice
 Fluttering within my clasped hands, I fear her wings may break; Wings of violet and ruby, a beauty he did make. A moment more I steal to gase upon her delicate splendor, soaking in her features so that I will remember. With trepidation I release
 When you think of America, You might think the land of the free. The place where a man comes, To give a better life for his family.  
Freedom for you or freedom for me, To die for you, or for country? Is this not a choice, but instead a goal, what does it mean for us to truly be free?  
  America is free Free of equal rights that women have but still cant decide what happens to our bodies Freedom to vote  but get judged for who you did   Free to be the mixing pot
Alone Always appeared Similiar to drowning But today floats effortlessly Lovely
My personality is Beyond my years or maybe it's the trend set before me Remember when we were kids and everyone was our friend?
Could this be real. I've felt the pain, the heartache seemed to be endless, Yet the joy so fulfilling, my smile so genuine Could this be real. The beauteous sunlight, the luminous starlight,
Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity I was quiet but passionate, Reserved but determined
For four years I waited on this moment.  As a freshman in high school I assumed that the only thing standing in between me and this moment was forever.
As the leaves have fallen down So does my heart go Bare trees rooted in the ground Yet I fly away   Twelve months ago where were you Seasons have changed you Twelve months later a new you
Brain constructs phrases and sentences Sends the information to the gaping hole It’s detailed and thorough Black hole receives it and ruins it effectively  
The low thumping beat in my brain, Is featured with depressing lyrics. I feel the need to cry, Yet I restrain.   That was my first song of 2016.  
Do you ever get that feeling The feeling of wanting to fly But your wings are broken Every word unspoken   Do you ever get that feeling The longing desire to run But your legs are paralyzed Your nerves are tranquilized   Tell me the truth As my so
What a damn free world we are living in Some came from England for religious freedom And others came to escape their corrupt piece of land   Now somehow, we all gather in some place called the freedom land
 Sitting at lunch among my group of friends All of them, laughing until their hearts content Their smiles so bright it seems they never witnessed hardship
When anguish tugs down on the corners of my mouth and fastens itself stubbornly in my throat I just remember this marvelously refreshing feeling:
I get up in the morning, I pray, I get ready for school, I go to school and count down from the minutes remaining till I go home. Everyday seems exactly the same, so why do I get up. 
  I'm here to warn you about a monster ,well not really a monster...more like a disease.
My heart's pounding. It's almost time, Time to jump. What if something happens? What if something goes wrong? Too late, It's time. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... JUMP! I'm falling...
Poetry to me is a means of being free. And to be free is everything to poetry, and me.
Let's make a poem. Let's sit and think about things that will not be important In years to come. Let's compose a verbal melody that will elevate our minds of a stillness.
Something there is that doesnt love a wall That wants it down 'Good fences make good neighbors' Theyre not my Frosted words to recite   But when I write The words bypass my judgement
There is no end to the circle I live in. I attempt to trace back my steps,  but my resistance is met by force. Around and around I go: Stuck within the rotation- my existence is characterized by one of two states:
Lips tumble from lips,  fingers pull at fingers,  and words sit heavily on the tongue.    Ears quiver with the sense of quill on paper,  emotions presed out in black ink-- 
Free to fear Free to pain No escape Me to blame? Couple words Line the page Simple rhymes Ignite the flame Pages fill Emotions pour A dim light Brightens more
Take hold of thy pen, Crawl within my den, The world appears free, For the beholder is me, I caress the page with my wants, No sour stranger can ever taunt, In the world of love and poetry,
I sit in the buckle of the bible belt Fighting to merely exist As white men in stiff suits With smiles that never reach their eyes Sit in a room in DC
Breaking, deceived, hurt, angered. Wondering who to run to, felt like there was nobody to turn to. Lost. Grabbed the pen and paper, let my hand fly. Poetry was there for me, Lord knows why.
Relief only comes during the late hours of sunset, When the cool wind finally arrives Just to curl around your legs, Sighing with content, just feeling this moment of peace
Dear America,Freedom sucksYour idea of "Freedom"Has families out on the streetsStuck behind the bars of DebtYour idea of "Freedom"Has children within the confines
I feel so free! Oh my God, I am free! There is no reservation in the words that I write There is no tongue biting in the thoughts that I speak I am so unstoppable not even Denzel could stop me –
Boom, Boom, Boom. The beat ensares me, blood pumping, my mind, my body breaks free from the cursed ropes of a binding society. In here, they can't know, In here, I go with the flow,
In the night sky The star’s twinkle To the rhythm of my heart The man in the moon Sings me to sleep With the sweetest melody Made of light and convex beams   Colors dance in the daylight
The old wooden door creaked as it opened And it reminded me of the sound of my bones. While I watched you walk in My knees shook, almost as much as my hands, as I listened to the only sound I could hear:
One thing, so fleeting, how should I know what I require for my deed?  would it be a person for a meeting? or a pot to plant a seed? or a book to continue my reading?
New York is where it began, I knew I'd be the worlds greatest fan. I had an imperishable fever to roam, my hair would never need a comb.  I knew to be truely free I would have to lose all that was "me."
I saw a black bird today  I noticed its beauty  The grace it held, when it flew away  Don't know where it went but I know it was doing its duty  I saw that same black bird again 
You could say that he was a Carpenterof sorts ---he built heartsfrom the outside in fixing rebuilding with his own parts, making a sacrifice just to hear their laughs just to see their smiles so that his own mind, his own soul could just possibly 
It's crisp and clear on a wonderful day I wanna take a step outside and play The weatherman says its just the right temperature I could go chill and relax all my worries away Shoot! I forgot I had to work today
I wish I could feel the raindrops  falling on my face  the distance between the sky and me  feels so out of place.     strip away these walls  bricks and mortar that bind me  
I need the light Whether it's form is in friendship, love, happiness. I crave the warmth that  encases me when I'm with it. The light I mean.
1. Music is the one thing I can not live without 2. I feel like it takes me to a different place 3. I enjoy music as much as I enjoy sauerkraut 4. When I listen to music, different expressions strike my face
There once was a girl named Beige She spent all her days in a cage If ever she cried, No person would buy And she was left with nothing but rage   There once was a boy named Jack
I opened my eyes to the warm glow of the sun, I looked around and all I could see Was miles of glistening blue water Miles of shimmering sand Miles of open land. I could not believe it
  Mother!That you neverwanted sonswhen you onlywanted to give birthdreams. Mother!I am waiting the day, your daywhen you will shout at the worldall your conditions.
At first I thought I was in love with you But now I realized my mistake Why love someone who will never love you back I have finally let it go
You said I am like that feeling you get from letting go of a balloon, and watching it drift until it’s color vanishes. At first, it crushed me that you compared me
"The expanse of the sky  The shine of the stars When the sleeping world lies The golden silence is ours The great big sea With hidden graves The oceans deep With countless waves
"I am so different now I never wanted to stand out I wanted to fade into the crowd But my thoughts were just too loud A whisper to a shout The words come pouring out."
Heavens' gates open wide as a new soul approaches slowly.  Crisp air frightens the new arrival,  yet there is freedom. Freedom in knowing the choice was his. 
My life, my light,Without him, nothing's right.Cliche? Perhaps.My chest would collapse,If we were ever apart.He's been there from the start,But I was blind,Trapped with someone who didn't mind
Looking past the landscapes there stands one dream. One final goal that you know deeper than the cliff you're standing on you want one dream you know. The trees are greener the grass is taller
I want to be able to live in a world, or a place where I am not afraid to sing my favorite song at the top of my lungs. I want to live in a world, where I can dance to the rhythm of drums crashing,
I'm stuck in my head. I've run out of luck my brain and my heart; they bled. I'm stuck and I just want to get out. Climbing through the muck my head just screams and shouts.  
In Yellow and Stripes of Black They did fight for freedom, did they They were considered to be Dirty They were killed, Brothers, Sisters   My Brothers, Sisters They were,
Who Am I? I am not an idea I am not who you want me to be
It doesn’t matter if you have blemishes from those who’ve shaped you; you are beautiful- lean and tall, getting thicker as my eyes travel down.
As the wind blows And the birds sing Free is what I’ll be   When others mourn For those who died Free is what I’ll be   You might be chained
2 social service workers, 2 judges, 3 letters,  4 years, 4 recordings, 4 councliers 5 police officers, This is what it took for my freedom.   I was weak,  I was small,
Teeth bared in the moonlight As blood drips down her face The look on his face is priceless,
Yeah it cant done or undone.. Its taking me to the way its cant be hidden..
My love for you will never cease, a blessing or a curse may be. My withered heart will forever dream despite the havoc memories wreak.   Pain is fading as the nights retreat,
Poor college student: Free food you say? No? Okay... Sorry I'm busy.
I shouldn't feel sick Everytime I think about you I shouldn't vomit Everytime you text me I shouldn't have to hide  Who I really am from you I shouldn't have to sneak around
I am not property,
  I was waking up for the first time Seeing what's real
In so little
An inspiration of words, whispered one last time; for a crowd of mouths to listen. An inspiration of sound, screamed with passed-on passion; for one to know, and many to hear.
When i was about 6 or 7, i fully believed i was a part of my own "truman" show. 
Life is awesome, Surrounded by those who love, encourage me each and everyday. Things outside my front door is the world’s palette for inspiration. I get inspired by life.
I am in an empty casing. My soul is hitting walls and edges.
I scooch back pressing my body into the hard leather seat that’s just barely too upright to be comfortable.
I am The one you don't mess with When she's walking down the street Soldia flowin' through my veins
I think there are times
Four letters carry conspiracy-theory sized opinions of a word that we hope exists. a word universally intertwined in our bones pulsing through our spirits and sidewalks. a word hidden in the most common places
People always make analogies Saying birds are free; they want to be birds. What is a bird? Nothing more than hair.
There are hundreds of songs about freedom. We have an entire nation built upon the idea. The idea that a group of humans, the haymakers and brats who bathe in blood, can somehow bring peace to a society and live a dream of prosperoty.
I was always good at faking a smile. I pretended I was strong. I kept this up for quite a while, But it just felt so wrong.   Because on the inside I was breaking. I was a captive to regret and shame.
The evil body shaped serpent shows His red demonized eyes glow Ranting and Raving In realization I’m the one that’s paying God’s what I need in my life is what I ‘am saying Keep me in your prayers
My dream is as silent as falling snow
I groan as anguish rips through me, Starting in my feet,         A dull ache felt deep
I want to be happy, but happiness is fickle, Because we're only promised pursuit Not joy on a platter:
Free. I am free. Without a filter, I am free. I do not need the mask, without a filter, I am free. I do not waste my time in faults, without a filter, I am free.
You were a bird Free, fragile He was a vulture Cruel, devious You were a storm Somber, dark
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
I hate this moment I dread condolence There is no hiding This time today   My knees are weak My mind is bleak I cant conceive a way to believe That I am strong  
I'm here to be born. I'm here to learn how to speak. I'm here to learn how to walk. And I'm here to learn not to be weak.   I'm here to listen to music. I'm here to listen to the birds.
I'll slip away from this physical existence. Into the water my soul goes swimming.  The timing may have been off but life seems to find it's balance I breathe relief underwater.
They whisper to come and waste your time on the
Soaring ever higher these birds dance among the clouds
I had the chance to leave. I could have been free, to never be hurt again. So young, so dumb, I stayed and it begin. I spent my life loving you, since we were kids.
I am a Mormon
"I am no bird," That's what she told me. "no net ensares me." Those words are true.    You strived to be more than a bird, but, You found yourself caught,  defensless, trapped.  
I feel it like the war drums of the natives
You awaken my ungratified soul, Lest I lay in the snare of my skin and bones, You resemble an angels grace and a sense of hope, Take my spirit and don't let go.   Call me in and let the light rush forth,
I'm bird caged in a human body. I'm only can be free in my mind. Where all my dreams can come true. The music never stops. The stars can be seen all day. And my love is always next to me.
This ain't a poemThis isn't a pleaThis be a decreeThis be for all 'emWho see none for 'emWho see none agreeThat they have espritThat they are all inYou are flawless
I want to be yet, it is so hard to be. Everyone looks at me and expect  so much Free. I will never be.
Ameica is the land of the free Home of the brave But how can we be brave How can we be free? If walking down a street Means you need to bleed Where are the free? Because since all live in fear
I never understood
            Free spirit is my trait I value the most.
So I'll put on some liquid courage to get me through the day,
You were my favorite thing Hearing your sleepy voice at 4 am As you struggled to stay up with me   Listening to your attempts at singing lullabies That would lure me to sleep  
Can you feel it? Inside you? The beat, the beat, the fast tattoo? Can you feel it? Feel it start? The beating, beating of your heart? Here we're coming,  Here we go
It's weird to think I used to hate myself. Look in the mirror, cringe and coil away from myself. Ripping apart the person that is me. Wishing away every little blemish and piece of skin.
This rage does not subside it only ignites me kept on a tight leash i'll find a way try to oppress what what I feel I know what i feel everyday try to work me like a dog
Two cartoony tigers, Friends for life, Who live in a house That bounces all night. Two giants, Father and son. One smart, One dumb, One is mean, One is bullied. A pine tree,
The table stays the wood is grey  a light sull yellowed tingy yellow brown when on the bench  the hobo sleeps the homo weeps the political correctness steeps and for weeks and weeks
Flying, racing through the sky Freedom flowing in its wings Opens up its beak and sings- Suddenly, the end is nigh   Anchored down by turning time Falling freedom falling fast
Floating--- Going no where. No place to be, but everthing to see. Nothing can compare No limits-- I am free!  
I am a mess, DISTRESS in my voice, I have no choice, of the matter. Grey matter, pink matter, Distinguish however you want, to. I am a mute...   But yet still my voice rises,
I remember life as a child Man were those times something wild
I write to connect I write to make sense I write to express I write to get distance I write to make space I write to put myself in another place Or to find another place
In an indefinable world Only able to transcribe Sensations and experiences Through words, sentences and phrases A translation, misread Lead to schematics Of life dynamics
When my soul aches, When my heart swells,
Your eyes, the way you smile, makes me want to just stop time for awhile.   Your nose, your lips, your hair, Yes, all of those puts my heart in denial.  
The journey awaits Get ready to embark We don’t want to be late It’s almost time to start   The ship is ready Strong and tall It is steady And sure won’t fall  
I sit on boundaries I stare at the people who walk within them never taking trying to break down transparent glass walls I stare at the people who walk within them,
I want past pain's sky always taunting me, she teases me She told me I'd never get away The way I dread-locks pain inside me She shacked up with her man, Misery They play sad tunes on strings
I grew out my wings and flew to a new place, They said that's what they're for, so I sought out my space. A space for me to find my own- To color my feathers, To say that I've grown.  
America land of the free
Everything I say is wrong So i've been staying quiet Not speaking for so long
I got a brand ne
Euphoric my soul has been marked Untroubled written on my heart No amount of sorrow 
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
    We've created an army of identical twins, 318,457,385 of them today, more tomorrow. All mirror images staring blankly back at each other, unable to see the similarities, 
Cocooned. Trapped   in lucid pristine existence. Sheltered, Hidden,   from troublesome reality. Delicate wings, You stretch them to fly,   but ensnared by the inexperience,
The death of waiting, a vice grip on my chest denies me the option to breathe, my wrists bound in cuffs of limitation, feet stuck in frustration, mind set on fascination but body tied,
I feel the pressure of the walls of this box pushing from each side, increasing, squeezing, and as it gets tighter in here, the pressure builds builds into an atmosphere chaotic enough for lightning
Strolling in perpetual seabreeze The leftcorner lips curl Eyeshield purple vision glow Sleeves stripped legs unfurl   Deepened dark reddened white Trappedsun tresses  salt wave
They say time is like the ocean;
I have felt the burden she carries
I wish  I wish to  LIVE I wish to live free Free from Society Free of Everything and Anybody Free from mind Free from body   Free from money Beyond Good and Evil
Conditioned to be the best that I can be Following the dream that is for me Did I plan it with my own intentions? Or did I pull ideas through my connections?   Where can I be the best that I can be?
Who is she?
I'm in a cage with nowhere to go I'm screamng for freedom But people just stare They look at me with hatred Like I' lucky.. When THEY are the lucky ones!   To break free
Did you see that? That, there. That lady is staring at me. She keeps looking over here. Do I have a booger in my nose? Is my receding hairline showing? Twenty years old with a receding hairline.
As the cymbals crash at the final note, the audience applauds and lose their minds.   We stood upon the platform posing... Our bodies exhausted but still filled with adrenaline.  
Waiting to be free;
chained to stone, to these pillars i know as home withered by time and awaiting to claim what's mine angered by the visions of shame. unleash the beast that resides inside undo my chains that i carry in my mind
The Sky is a reflection
If I could live free
What is 'here'? The word I mean Here There? 'Here' -What does it mean?   Is it the physical manifestation of self? Is it the moment in time that all of our cells agree to be contained in space?
I'm craving an adventure where it's just us,  
i am free to do as i wisH. no rules need apply to thY.                                     nor thoU. human consciousness is a burden machine compatible with the soul so the punishment is there
I'm turning 25 this year, And with another passing day I fear, That I have nothing to show and my life is slipping away. I mean, I don't know what you've been told, But even at 20 I thought 25 was old,
im crafting my journey the way  from the dim  as the light is blind eye that i cant see  days seems oh so right can be the most beautiful fright  mind beyound measure but we dont remeber everything that happin last night
I think it's kind of
  Peers and youth clatter and clank Minds nearly filled with blank Always looking so fine and swank A job and work a threat or a prank                 Parents diving into their savings bank
A love of teaching is hard to find For some try in vain to fill the mind And others are bitter, aloof, and unkind And still others tire of the daily grind  
Ryan Summers            Politician         April 27, 2014 My niche is filled with chat of the upcoming elections And the debate with others who detest my views.  
A thousand dollars.. I need a stack, a "G", in today's society if you want higher knowledge then you must pay a fee Corrupt visions in this government made my reality
People are dyingMothers are cryingI don't think I can survive itthe block is hot don't you hear the sirenscall 911 cuz they shooting again
If rebirth was an option, or reincarnation a possibility... I would be scared to be a human again.
My dream has no name,             it is still an uncreated concept,                                  one that I hope to create.   My dream embraces my passions,
I hate locking my heart away.
My Mind; My only mind; The one I hold dear; So dear; Without such; My opinions would be non-existent; My thoughts would be nothing; Nothing for I; Nothing for anyone;
If only I could Give you a life, One thats worth living, One without strife, I would. If only my job Became a career, Then we would live, Without fear, Of living like Uncle Bob.
When i was born My mom wanted to name me Roxann, MY dad would not allow her to due to the once popular song by the police
im locked in this empty spacefeels like foreverthat ive seen your smile
The way your handscaress my waistmakes my heartbegin to race.The touch of your lips,so soft and smooth,makes me neverwant to move.The sound of your voice,so gentle and sweet,
Couldn't sleep, my eyes restless as my mind whirs in frustration. Why? Why? You left me and have let me go, but I still can't grasp reality.
Today, the knuckles of a tattooed waiter read  The same word from my thought unsaid. Yesterday, every parcel of the wind chime I rang  fell apart over and over again.   Visions of my future 
I have a voice, &I'll use it as if it were my last choice. My words and my thoughts define my expressions.
Words escape me when I think too deeply for far too long. Sometimes I contemplate whether the things I inspire are wrong. A perfection to acheieve in the world of precision.
To be free. what is freedom? is freedom going to school and being yourself? 
I want my little sister to be free of worries. I want my little brother to hope without fear,  to speak with care,  and to think without hate.   I want to bring children into a world where they can 
my brain awoke, but my eyes stayed shut. it felt as if 100 lb dumbells hung from my eyelashes, streatching them across my face.
Chained and slightly battered, The oppressed, gay, different, strange, unaccepted
they lied. you aren't locked up to save you from yourself. you're locked up because they keep beautiful things in cages.
I want to be like Dr. Seuss   And paint the globe in bright chartreuse And make a word that’s plainly mine Like “ploosh” or “sprink” or “minkaboose”   And tip on toes and tie some tongues
  Skipping daintily on his merry little toes The Pied Piper plays his tune. And laughing happily as he goes His eyes do glisten like the moon.   He beckons on with fiery force
One who’s life must seem to those outside imaginary, must then wish for Dreams to come true   Yes, for that I importune, God or Goddess that be: Let Dreams be free.  
If I had the power to change things I would not change much Just the direction of my feet When the ground is hard and Laden with a cobbled facade I would change the sound of a tragedy
and without notice she was gone… gone never to look back at what once was a burden. gone from all pain, hurt, and sorrow, gone knowing that there was a brighter tomorrow.   Head held high, she is confident.
Butterflies all behind my teeth taking the marrow all out of this brokeness He is young again trying the find the fundementals in his father funeral and I homocide over all these melocoly like memories 
My heart is not a tattoo worn proudly on my shoulder for all to admire   My heart is not a toy plane to be tossed
The wind whispers dark secrets, That I should not have told; As I set free my emotions, And let go of the old.    Now I cannot capture the wind. Nor the words caught in it,
 When we rise in anyway, everything around us rise as if, the sun shine around us, saying we are the ligth, which one day,  will ligth it our path to succes, just following those deligthful colors which have infinity gloriness.
I love doing what I want when I want. I dont need you or your authority, Give me an open field for me to jaunt, While I run from responsibility. To not give a single care in the world,
When I become a lawyer, I will make my contributionsTo the field of law and society by giving a free consultation. Things happen in life that people can’t always control.So I know you'll need someone to console.
I can feel my heart beat To the sound of the ground beneath my feet   I see what could be mine, A prize above all others. I push myself to do my best I must go on,   Or else my dream
Deep in my mind Imagination was born, Constricted in bind My imagination had torn.   The walls that had lied, That constricted my life Are no longer alive.   Now that I'm free
kiss me softly with your spirit when you sleep let's slip into warm bliss and drift away caress my hips, hold my hand
Crying in the bedroom Ready to end it all Bet you don’t know How far you’ve made me fall Your cruel words, Those evil taunts, All the things you said that I haven’t forgot  
If I could change one aspect of me, It would certainly be to be free. I sprout some big wings, Get shoes with some springs, And take to the air like a bee.
I dabbed my brush into the endless ink.It went on smooth, painted all money pink.Pink for delight.
This is for the girl
My body is covered with a never ending darkness that surrounds me. Taking me over, it's gotten inside me. Eating me alive and slowly killing me. I want it gone. I want my body to finally feel free
I drum, therefore I am  Yearning for friction Enduring the force  Keeping the honesty of sound waves   I drum, therefore I am  Tribal woes set forth Yell for the hills 
If I could change the world what
I slowly reveal myself- The thick molasses starts to thin- I look to them- I expect Judgment. They just look at me with listening eyes- And that's when I know. I am Free.
We come from small town U.S.A. We come from far and wide Each of us here, bare a different hide No two of us the same in our beliefs and what we see
My father told me he was proud of me once,
The dream to be more is a road unsure Desperate for change, it starts in me Dust off those words, those thoughts that torture The Light reaches out to set me free Take the stand and make it pure
Freedom is a word  Commonly used
Here I write my vindicationFor my rightful dedicationWhile through holy elevationMy mindset moves to idolizationWhile in sweet elationTo a land of implication
My heart is barred in this chamber,  Where the brain wont let her run free. Oh how she wants to get out  The lungs laugh, The stomache snickers  "Silly heart", they say with glee
Can't wait to be the gazelle that strides across open plains.
Perfection, Caught in a moment so complex that the average mind cannot comprehend such an unexpected necessity.  To lie in arms, embracing what is and doomed never to be. 
It' ok to cry you learn to smile a little harder
I sit motionlessly, watching the bright rays of light dim over the horizon. I can hear the soothing sound of the waves striking the rocks, and the wet footprints running across the sand.
They didn’t have to clip your wings, You were never meant to fly, You were only born,
Have you ever stopped to see How all of our lives might be Without those who died for the red, white, and blue Sacrificing their lives for me and you Do you even give one thought
I can't stand. I am on the ground. I don't want to give up , so I try to keep my head up to look at the blue sky of freedom.
She said, What this means to me, One hundred sleepless nights, Wonderland, Mad world, My obsession, A thousand years, Paradise, Kids, Forever, King for a day,
Kiss the Sky Embrace the Ocean Birds call me equal.
Quiet and Serene, At ease and peace, Nothing Else exists Theres a breeze blowing through the trees Music flowing through my ears And sound from my mouth   I am alone but calm Thinking flows deep
You can take your cities Your cars Your bars Your asphalt roads And tall billboards, And starless, Smog-filled skies. I’ll stick with my small town My backwoods roads
Confusion.   Confusion between my legs      that goes against what God says Feeling wrong but feels so right, It sometimes disturbs my dreams at night That tingling sensation, I feel it in my core
Teacher's lie when they say "there's no stupid questions!" Cause when I ask they get mad and yell at me for not paying attention. We have to sit through hour long lectures,
I'm finally here. I've waited, Day after day, And year after year. To sit in a class, Where an instructor is not concerned With keeping up appearances. Miss doesn't play Angry Birds.
  When thinking of things I shouldn’t say To teachers to tell them my feelings I purse my lips to hold back thoughts And roll my eyes to the ceiling   If I could tell you how I feel
Hey, you, at the board With your hands on your hips. You, in the front, The lesson on your lips. Stop. Listen.   Teach me something important,
You don't own me.. My past is dead. It holds no meaning What happened happened. I need to be free of it; I need to believe in feelings that are true, That are beautiful, that are real. 
Recumbent here I lie
I hated Your big blue eyes when they looked up at me My heart would suddenly fluster Words would be stuck
I'd like to fly but it's a silly notion, I'll take my chances with the ocean.
Stuck under the microscope Pins through wrists and feet Dried lips once muttered how to cope And conquered Death’s compete
What a wonderful time; For a wonderful change; To celebrate America's; Another coming of age.   Oh beautiful our country is; Another year to renew; United we stand;
  Fashion design, what I was born to do Sketch and design is what interests me most But styling and selling suits me too Fashion shows, I would like to be the host  
  Racing around the bustling city people line the main road that runs for miles Dodgeing traffic As mothers and fathers repetitively drag their kids to school to go work long
Dear teacher, I love psychology I truly do.And I always turn in my homework whenever it's due. When handing out assignments keep in mind I'm a young soul, I like to go out on Friday nights I'm just twenty-two years old. I enjoy reading about Pavlo
We are not machines.We are not all one being.We may look at the same things but interpret those same things differently.We are not machines.
Shattered love I'm scared to love you for I might hurt you, Or completely you might hurt me or desert me or destroy me. You got the power to defeat me make me break and fall to my knees.
I’m the girl they call goodie goody Goodie goody? I think not! Goodie goody my ass! I’m the quite girl who sits in the front of the class room, answers questions when asked
Help me believe that youre the right man for my believe that you can stand to be the mother of my future childrens...
Life. Wrap me up in it. Feed me it by spoon. Or drown me in it. Just, leave me to submerge. I'll be fine. Just...Let me be. Let me live.   I'm under lock and key,
Feet on ground Head in the sky Making plans for the future When I am barely getting by Just happy to be smiling So lucky to be alive Whether money grows on trees Or I am begging on my knees
Hello songbird creature of flight, what brings you here on such a woeful night. Destined with powers to soar all around yet you sit and not make a sound. Can it be that you are ill or just waiting for time to spill?
Blue Skies Blue goodbyes But don't fret we've still got plenty yet we'll throw  a plane and fly a ball Now lets all ride the Hopisticall He's blue and red and furry all over
  Simply Twenty-Six Letters
Serenity is tedious; I'd rather be a lunatic. Like a lone werewolf, I want to howl at the top of my lungs. Knowing deep in my soul, that others just like me can hear and feel my misunderstood emotion.
Free Baby beluga in the deep blue sea You swim so wild and you swim so free Heaven above and the sea below
I walk through the empty room, cold and scared.  It is dark in the room, but not the door.  Underneath it shines a light that is glared. Its brightness is something not to ignore.
Do not use your words as knives.There are too many people with open wounds,Self inflicted lacerations,Bleeding freely.
Do not let them cage you. You are strong and smart and beautiful. Cages are for animals. You are not an animal. Do not let them put you in a box. You are loving and brave
The sun rises rises in my soul. The rays dance and  explodelike lyrics hitting the ear. I am the song. Illusionsshatter like glass. I morph into a dazzling tapestry of shadow and  light. Thesetting sun no longer reminds me of death.
I arrived out of the dark night Runnin', runnin' Runnin' for my life, I saw left I saw right I forgot what was right Then I decided to go left Going left was going deaf
I can't believe I was so blind, To see the mistakes I made, To see all the chances I could have taken, To see all the things that went wrong, To see all the things I could have prevented.  
With tears unshed, and eyes open wide Days of class and work and normal blur by, But now I think I’m safe with eyes dried, Yet why do I always feel about to cry? This world is cruel, not one I trust as a friend That has not hurt my heart or mind,
Make a mark in your name no two fingerprints are the same You dream your dream I'll dream mine too Don't let me falter what you want to do Soak in life Create your own voice
it's hard to be yourself  in a world where people judge so harshly  You have to stay true and although that may be tough You're gonna have to try If you live life the way others want you too
  Not even the Crayola Company can keep me in that box Rose Art never stood a chance Sandusky couldn’t capture my essence Prang dulled faster than my curiosity of Dixon Ticonderoga I am a work of art 
hey yall its mycall (michael) to live on and so forth and so on my life is a pen and a pad im just right on rythm is my poem like life goes on like my poems are just a bunch of run ons cant you tell that im on 
The sun above me sings a lullaby, The rain mimics the tune, Roses dance, Glitter strikes from each and every beat,
The sounds of a sweet bird; lively, buoyant, and free, The sounds of a bitter bird; bleak, melancholy, and confined.
He sat there, Alone. Staring from a distance At the one he wanted the most.   What a cruel world That would not let him be. What a cruel world, To stop him from loving.  
Theology twisted, robbing the poor Sick religions have the saints misunderstood U.S. economy in it for self Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge But graduated from a top Ivy League college
I did not stare because I sought your glance upon my face I did not ask so you could tell a lie with such disgrace I did not seek you out to find a empty soul so deep
You said you wished the stars were red,so I pulled them down one by oneand painted them by hand,for you.
So i took a couple pulls to keep me sanethis music numbing my brain why?you're asking about the vybz or the tree?I dont know.. it's not for everyone but it's for me.
Unforgettably forgettable  You never paid attention to her, not even if it was critical  The society would see her, but she would still feel invisible You'd hear her name, and intimation owls go, "who?" 
How am I?How am I?I'm fine I'm fighting back rageAt a broken down system I'm crying in painFor accepted ignorance I'm screaming bloodFor everyday injustice
I want to be free I want to be able to walk around and see black and whites joined together I want the world to have justice Freedom to me means to be able to do more things without being judged or held back
I'll never be "that" girl But l can be THIS girl Silk tresses will never swim on the small of my back Only coiled curls will dance freely on the nape of my neck
Why do I write?
Dig away from all the dissappointment I get lonley in caves all by myself. Thoughts lose everything all in the moment, Scraping nails upon walls, all blood runs high.  
It comes and goes. In droves of untamed flows. Pretty, I feel this could go far... Our love.   (Written in CInquain Pattern 3)
This crazy , catastrophic heart of mineCan only be mended with words in a line.The turmoil that's always going on in my brain?Words are the only thing that keep me sane.
Sonnet to See   Truth write: is it in the lumen of light, In the atom or molecule inside, In the blazing comets soaring at night, Or by faith apart from our weary eyes?  
"Why does she write?" the kids at my school always ask "Words are unimportant!" they say, "Words do not last!" I pretend I can't hear them, I quell their horrid words But deep down, I wish I could soar away like a bird.
sorrow and pain tears of pity who shall regurgitate the best sob story next set me free i beg set me free
Sky, why are you so bare for me tonight? Isn't today a happy holiday? The Fourth of July should be filled with light. If there's no light, what would the people say? Why act so timid when you have the fame?
Take these chains off my wrists, take them off my ankles. Take this mask off my face, take it off right now! These chains held me back! That mask held my face, held my true identity.
  I can talk a lot, Now. But it was poetry that taught me how. Before my sentences were jumbled up phrases only I could understand, With with minimal explaining.
I write to take away the pain That memories can bring I write to offer up my thoughts To anyone or thing   I write to express anger and fear In ways I can’t with voice
I write because I am free to DREAM, I can be no one else but ME, it helps me to ESCAPE from REALITY. I am a DEEPER REFLECTION OF ME.   I write what I FEEL, too afraid to SPEAK UP ON WHAT IS REAL,
  Many dream of popularity, riches, and wealth, but what they overlook is the guidance to the right of your shelf. Act like this, act like that, and be who you see, but life isn't all about being who you perceive. 
      Poetry and Me By Colleen Preston   Poetry and me Just simply came to be.   Like wind beneath my wings,
I think about you when you're not by my beside You live miles away so that's almost all the time Even worse we're going to college separate ways  Both hoping the relationship will never fade
Hands lock, fingers curl. Eyes twitch. Just a few of the many things we do together. When walking on the beach, seagulls high above us. People waving hello as we get higher,
Like the rain flows freely. Poetry does to the soul. Speaking legions of stories in just a poem. As everything begins to unfold.  The sun may come; The day may end. 
The sky is the limit they say, yet I havent seen it in days. Loose paper and pen, sorrounded by men. Trying to make it through these years, with fears. Never thought I would end up here, I learned to hear
Change. the idea thrills us the thought of it happening scares us the results would amaze us but the work load loses us. change a life change a friend change your clothes change 
Endlessly hoping for something, anything... But recieving nothing. That's what my life feels like. Chasing dreams and coming up dry. But it plays the way I want it to, in my imagination. 
Lying awake at night causes one to face their darkest fright. Whether it be school or bills or paying the rent, everybody needs a way to vent. Somewhat hopeless and all alone,
it's true, I say that the pain stays inside that we don't know where to hide but why? you ask because we're broken because we're lost because we are alone
   Take up the pen Let it all flow The worries, stress, pent up thoughts, just let it all go I just need to feel this.
What does it mean to be free? Free is when you're allowed to do as you please.You are given the privilege to be who you decide you want to be.But are we really free?
I've been asleep. I never knew why i liked poems i never really did           like'em  they are just free words most of the time absurd                     absurd     freee words
oh This Morning I felt it felt it coming    Either good or bad.. I couldn't tell if I'd be mad but that fell   If it falls, it breaks thats the risk
When I die, dont bury me,With flowers on my grave,Cremate me.Throw my ashes to the wind.So that I am as free as poetry The only thing to make me think,The only reason for me to create through speech.
Take a seat by me, pleases see what I see.   the leaves are growing wildly toward the sky, growing tall, bent, and unformed like a wave in the sea.   their leaves are of the brightest green,
My soul is overflowing with the capacity of sin,sin that we know as has been,sleeping dogs and changing tides are just some of the lies we find,to liberate ourselfs from
Some may say we are nothing more than players in an overcrowded game. We're spread in different layers but we're nowhere near the same. We, ourselves hold our destiny they can't control our actions.
Ever since I was young, I knew. Knew that my world needed expanding, to open on itself, I write to create, new worlds and new lives, I write to destroy, hatred and fear,
Watch an eagle spread wings like silk Untouchable purity against a night sky Until the hunter (some would call him Destiny!) takes aim See the king of the air turned to game
I write because I fight with words. I write because when I write I can be heard when there's no one else to listen and nothing else to do, not a verb else. When I write my sentences are fragmented but my thoughts are complete. Through.
The girl sat on an empty street Her face was as sullen as her surroundings She softly lifted her face in hopes of a single ray of sun
  What would words say if they could speak? Would they tell the story on how they were created? Or like a child they’d answer “I don’t know where I get my name from my mommy named me.” Or do they even know their creator?
Poetry, the wonderful freedom, The anonymous friend that calms your flares. Poetry tends to ease my mind, Poetry is my vent for life. My anger now will be released, My stress will unwind on paper.
                                                                Shall I Compare Thee   Shall I compare thee to a bright star. Thou art more beautiful and more bright.
I write for you. I write for me. I write for everyone.  Hundreds of thoughts run through my mind, Some bad some kind, But I write both down to save my peace of mind. I write to remeber the good times,
It is my innate right A thing I will Never give to you Why must the demons feel Such strong lust  To control it  To destroy it Without a fight Nobody Should ever give that up 
Does writing it down really make a difference? Carry my voice and my wishes Into the universe Yes Don’t be ashamed To let it all go Trust these words Will keep you safe Your heart
When darkness falls he raises his head. He's free, not a servant of the light. He ventures to paths no-one has tread, Keeping the night obscure and bright.   Is there a reason for irony such as this?
Threatening waves crash over me, they pound the life out of me.   I hear what seems to be screams in the distance,   But it’s me.
There is a time and place To make a smiling face At the world that is so wrong And has been, for far too long. I frown at the ones that smile From lies that they tell, all the while
  I had a dream one night That left my mind in a bit of fright.   It began in an inescapable prison Where darkness drenched itself into my soul
We buy our sterotypes off of tv subconsciencely we feed our ignorance without a black face and watermelon red lips but with a pretty face and round ass we've become americas number one pupets our sistahs aunties and mothers have been degraded to o
It’s forever been a struggle to meet in the middle, The waves want to overtake the sand, But the sand wants to hold their own Constantly battling to have control
The expression of feeling The expression of strife The reason for breathing The reason for life Freeing yourself from the everyday Freeing yourself, it's a small getaway
Everything goes on, moving and flowing. Never stopping. I think and breath, so let me break free. I'll fall and stumble, and pick myself up. I will be fine. All will be well, so let me go, loosen the grip, let me breath.
Dreams our sincerest kept secrets Our heart desires that burn like raging fires. Things that we can't or won't say aloud
It's plain here. Nothing but gray You shine so bright, like you're on display. Sparkle and gleam among the dull. You stand out. You must be bold.
I write poems because it expresses me! So I don't sit there and think of rhyming words Because the words that comes from the inner in are the words that are Me! Yea, you might think that isn't poem.
I write to save my bleak soul from the troubles of today. I write to make the tears of sorrow shy swiftly away. I write so that others may know they are not alone. I write because my heart was once as cold as stone.
My actions… Draw me judgment from those I love and those I don’t Can’t always match the true feeling of my heart Are limited by my physical body
Practicing our prayers Making our lives look great Making sure we didn’t sin So there would be nothing on to debate coming on service on time almost never been late trying to smile to each other
When I was young, I looked up to you, I saw light in you, I considered you the sun. Morning through the night, I looked up to you, I saw light in you, I considered you the moon.
Can you feel it? The warmth of the sun the waves rolling with fun The way children sit, looking at the seashells they just collected, Look a crab, walking along the shore The cold water hits my feet
I worry that I am not a good writer and that I am just fooling myself. And maybe I am, But I will not be one to leave necessary words unsaid. To you, they may seem a wicked waste of paper
Why do I write? Why do I write... Why do I write... poetry? The answer is hard to put into words even for someone as "literally gifted" as me.
Solemnly sitting with strings attached Head bowed low With no spark upstairs to glow Nothing to generate and flow below Because I'm a puppet you see and your commands are all I'll know.
I baked an apple pie today, Just for him. It patiently waits on the counter' And maybe he'll see it on Sunday,
My song sings millions Though words are mute Mute the chaos, the slander, the world— The world needs to hear my song.
Life is like one big TV series. Characters come and go. Some become stars. Some become the supporting cast. They say there are no small parts right? Someone else always writes the script
College is expensive. It is indeed. But education is a tool we all need. For knowledge is a door. It is used to explore. To learn, is to know. To know is to apply, But first, you must try.
The rush of the day has come to me Lightened finger tips as I stand under the consuming rays of the sun Stretching my limbs back and taking it in All of life has flooded into the etchings of my body
Fly away from here the keeper said Don't look back all you'll see is death- Death to a dream that is yours... Fly away and don't look back Just keep to your destined path
Drained. Life has been drained from me. Care. I don’t anymore. Live. Something that is getting harder to do. Be. Something I just can’t anymore.
Sarah wasn’t always frail as leaves didn’t always fall with a single gust of wind She was strong. She was steady as a drum. until that boulder slipped cracked open her wandering soul
Shhhh! Do not you dare compare him to I! For he was not born within a skin that does not comply. I am beautiful, of this I have no doubt, But this is a fact, not a way to stand out.
I want to be barefoot. I want to leave my shoes behind. I want to feel the gravel, touch the squish in the tar, feel the temperature amplified on concrete
The thick white The sky has no light The smell of soil And weeds And my barefeet, Let me breathe. This sundress Is too thin to cover me. Where are you God? I’m afraid they’ll see
Where yellow flowers bloom, The sun sets below the trees Winds blow a selfless tune An awakening of light from the moon But the glow is just a tease Where yellow flowers bloom The pedals become immune
Lets rip into hypocrisy I dont mean The Bible it's perfect I mean our hypocrisy Explain to me how you see vision of Poles, strippers strip strip for you And money falling from the trees
Lyrical licks that lament the whips that tips the slaveholder that his chains don't hold the gold that sold out the captives, making them proactive to freeing them from the tree and be free, or is it just me?
If the society we live in today was just a dream and a simple pinch made us come back to reality, I wonder how things would be without all the brutality.
I am free from these chains that held me. I am free from my past defining me. I am free to be the new me, the one I was meant to be. I am free because of a love so great.
Backwards Sudden velocity extreme and jolting Suspense eating at my insides Starting to reconsider Where did this courage come from What am I even doing here Too late to back out
(He slaved, he slaved, he did this his whole life, Man how he just wanted to get it right, But he couldn't because of his pain, He suffered so much with pain, again and again, He could never win,
I am Too Blind in the light Too fresh, too hood, too...Ghetto World uses me like a puppet; Geppeto African Americans need to Stop, and think We want to see the Intellectual abilities you can bring,
Since the founding of this country, we talk about equality But really it’s hard for me to see it There’s still racism, sexism, fights against sexuality So where’s all that spoken of equality?
My heart is waterproof, but they say blood is thicker then water. I'm thirsty but you've ran out, and I'm left here with the cold blood pumping from my heart to my veins... The blood is leaking from where you left your remains...
America is known as the land of the “free” But are you truly free if you can’t even be Who you are, with who you want? “Free,” they say? That word is just a taunt.
Choose Between Hate or love WHITE OR BLACK Wrong or right Parents or soul mate Holding back or holding hands Being ashamed or being proud Seeing skin or seeing soul
I am not dark skin. I am the sound of deep cognition. I am the voice of thought-provoking composition. So, if you feel like you are fiending just to stay and listen;
attacked, chained and forced on ships brought to a land to face hardships there is a light shining above us illuminating our many shadeds of brown unique souls and great minds that shaped
No matter the hurt No matter the fight No matter what they say We have the same right No matter the thought No matter the reaction We will band together And move into action
I am bound to my chain Never to be set free The state of my confinement is one that is definite A constant reminder that ensures my inhibition
It started with a man and a dream He held his dream high in his right hand, for the world to see It screamed, it yelled, it burst into motion Its message was “Set me free” There was no room in society for his dream
Here I am, once again Chains that shackle my feet To an ideal, To a model, A model with such small features, such crimson cheeks, Such a snow complexion, Slavery has ended,
Here I am, once again Chains that shackle my feet To an ideal, To a model, A model with such small features, such crimson cheeks, Such a snow complexion, Slavery has ended,
The marks we are born with connected to the veins implanted creation of unity of a whole entitled son. Creation defined as a connection from the sole to the other. Ballots sequence the gesture of communication
Rejected Restricted No. Not anymore. Their voices need to be heard, not ignored No. Not anymore. They have suffered in silence Never to be truly complete Man and Wife? Accepted
Do you see what I see? When is ee this reflection looking back at me. I see a soul yourning for equality cause in reality, I'm more than who you thought I'd be. See my ancesters paved the way so I could lead.
Oreos. Zebras. There are jokes about both That are funny to even the most welcoming of people. When two races mix, Two races so different as black and white, literally, Judgment is passed,
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