Color My Personality - I Dare You



Not even the Crayola Company can keep me in that box

Rose Art never stood a chance

Sandusky couldn’t capture my essence

Prang dulled faster than my curiosity of Dixon Ticonderoga

I am a work of art 



my heated rage

the embarrassment shading my cheeks

a crab crawling its way back to the sea

I am a collage of wonder



my search for magic

the bruises from falling flat on my face

a sunset cresting on metallic waves

I am a mosaic of curiosity



my personality on any given day

the joy I find in a yellow-framed National Geographic

a sunny day on the beach with family

I am a fresco of olden-day beauty



my eyes in deep thought

the peace I find in my azure journal

a chance to escape from land and journey out to sea

I am a landscape of mystery



my fresh idea to make a difference

the envy I feel for the people who have seen the world – not me

a piece of seaweed following the way of the wind

I am pottery still spinning on the wheel


So color my personality

I dare you

not even Picasso could capture this portrait

pastels and paintbrushes

I am a work of art




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