Blue Eyes

Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:55 -- jaylaj

Dear Blue,

The look in her eyes shows the pain

The smile she puts up is just a phase

She has been living in such a daze.

Plays pretend with reality

Compared to others she is just the same but what Lies Behind the Blue Eyes?

The eyes cannot show what she sees,

What she sees when friends talk about her

What she sees when loved ones go one by one

The eyes just don't show it.

The smile she puts on her face to hide the pain

The pain she gets from inside

The pain she gets when people are not there for her when they should be

Never wanting to hurt anyone’s feeling she opens her heart allowing people to come in

Never letting her guard down she lets the words they say soak into her skin taking everything into consideration

She is hurting. She cannot hold it all in

Day to night sunrise to sunset it's a cycle of hurting

But a change has come about in her

The hot tears rush down from the blue eyes

She is letting go and letting herself be free

She's sick and tired of being sick, tired

Her LIFE isn't like the game

It is treated as if she's apart of it

With each play she gets stronger and stronger

The pain in her eyes is gone

The smile now turns into genuine

The blue eyes are crystal clear everyone can see what she sees

She is a strong young lady

Better than ever before with every obstacle thrown at her way she knows she can be a warrior

The blue eyes are no longer a mystery

She is no longer a second thought

Now that the broken pieces of her life are slowly being formed back together

She will rise up and now be The Warrior With The Blue Eyes



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