Free My Love


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My heart is waterproof, but they say blood is thicker then water. I'm thirsty but you've ran out, and I'm left here with the cold blood pumping from my heart to my veins... The blood is leaking from where you left your remains... We used cheap adhesive to patch things back up, but they do say you can't buy love, just like I can't buy a new heart. New veins. New life. But they do say don't ever trust anyone with your heart. See I put my whole soul in your hands, you lifted my spirit! Then I got this sudden bad feeling, No I have acrophobia and you dropping me will leave me breathless & heartless . I'm a bum for love, my heart is homeless & abandon, like that new born baby I aborted, because loving you again will kill me eternally, imbedded in my mind you will be, forever will your name be tattooed on my heart, but you've lost it . So no longer will you remain in my thoughts no longer will I doubt love , I found love... Ps. Thank you for teaching me a vulture is never better than a dove...


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