Perfection, Caught in a moment so complex that the average mind cannot comprehend such an unexpected necessity. 
To lie in arms, embracing what is and doomed never to be. 
In the eyes of society, banished is the passion in love.
Morals determined my suites,
Who label us with numbers, restrictions, addictions and affliction. 
Those morals as mismatched as a tween trying to discover their sense of style. 
Regulations so that a father had no obligation to his offspring other than a check. 
And yet refused the possibility that something other than lust could form a relationship damned by little other than time. 
The same time that doomed such affection is the root of where such a rare mix occurs,
Mutual attraction, common interest and moral similarities.
So much comfort that the gods ponder the possibilities. 
A girl of little courage could tell you everything she believed and had a mind so capable of decisions, 
that she could choose he such a wonderful person was worth her time. 
An although the likely hood of heart break and misuse lay a possible path ahead, 
shed be willing to walk it with him.
Not some unintellectual child but a human.
Able to bear children and determine the risk factors involved in such a relationship. 
But when they lay nose to nose fully clothed caught in such a moment of euphoric understanding.
The turn his head and hold back a kiss meant for her. 
And when he looked into her eyes he'd see he was doomed to wait 365 day until shed say,
"Uneasy hearts defiantly weigh the most."


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