Solemnly sitting with strings attached
Head bowed low
With no spark upstairs to glow
Nothing to generate and flow below
Because I'm a puppet you see and your commands are all I'll know.

It's in my reach
Right there to seize
Almost within my grasp
But I'm jerked back to capture your dream
Your flawed conception of who I should be
What happened to being the person I envisioned myself to be?
I'm not your ideal daughter
But still I wear tutus and makeup?
Interesting! Just contact me when the position of 'being me' becomes available to me

Presently I'm withdrawn in the shell you created for me
I make appearances
When it's convenient to you
As my future is in your hands
You suppressed my artistic dream
And forced retro down my throat
And you dare to gloat?!
It's do this and do that
It's smoke this and drink that
Steal this and hurt her...
These are their cries
Denial of their rights
Freedom of expression
Freedom to dream

Mixed wishes encompass their view
In a downward spiral
Unable to do
Unable to break these strings
As you see I'm made of wood but they're not
You're Not
So untangle, cut, release, dream
Emancipate yourself then you'll truly be free.

They had their chance if they didn't too bad
This is your time around therefore it shouldn't be spent reliving their glory days
Go make your own
Don't smoke 'cause they want you to
Do it because you want to
Not saying it's right but
Their will shouldn't be imposed on you
In life there will come a time when we're all puppets
There's always a higher power be it your parents, brother, friend, boss, your teacher, you name it
But you need to decipher the times when the strings should be loose

I'm a puppet you see
So the chance was never available to me
but you're not
So don't make their commands all you'll ever know.


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