Beginning Tied to Its Ends

Wed, 03/20/2013 - 13:06 -- Ceci


United States
32° 44' 36.1068" N, 96° 53' 19.392" W

The marks we are born with
connected to the veins implanted
creation of unity of a whole entitled son.
Creation defined as a connection from the sole to the other.
Ballots sequence the gesture of communication
and validation to laws.
As one we seek flaws,
Preventing the wrongs are the examinations entitled polls;
In turn we are our own demise
to such fine lines.
The details of wreckage is shown in plain sight
the reason for death
the length of unlimited life,
Now knowledge of truth is not of this generation
but advantages to infinte youth:
We want fights and healthy lives,
but with rights we bring into light what we can speak
amongst those we barely meet.

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