Free World?

What a damn free world we are living in

Some came from England for religious freedom

And others came to escape their corrupt piece of land


Now somehow, we all gather in some place called the freedom land

Where we have freedom of speech, freedom of the press

And free to follow our heart’s desires


What everyone then saw, was a piece of lie

Everyone eating a pie of deceit

We didn’t realize that we couldn’t love whoever we wanted


Women are not allowed to seek women

And men are not allowed to seek men

And women and men aren’t allowed to change to the opposite sex


Children day by day, hiding in fear to come out of a dark hole

Feeling betrayed, the parents, and break their gorgeous dreams of being someone

The worst part of the story is not being accepted

There are cruel vicious varmints out in this free world

Out to get these beautiful rainbows

And supposedly purify them from this earth


Dear Orlando, what world are we living in?

Your precious children shot because they were happy

Your lovely babies tortured for wanting a love life


I wish to send you angels

But people supporting this cause are already angels

I sincerely apologize for all those giving love

Being born in a cruel place, that isn’t even free 



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